Free Comic Book Day Survival Guide | 5 Things You Should Know Before FCBD

If you’re unsure of what Free Comic Book Day is, when it’s held, and what to know if you’ve never been to a FCBD event, take a look at my Survival Guide before attending!

Ladies Night at the Comic Shop | Arts & Crafts

By now, you’ve probably realized my newfound eternal love for comics. Additionally, you might also be aware of my love for my local comic book shop. One of the things that I love about my local shop is their monthly Ladies Night get-together. It’s a great space to hang out with other nerdy ladies who…

Girls Rule! | Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing

I’m not big into subscription boxes, but when I saw that Marvel Collector Corps had a Women of Power box,  I had to have it. Some of my favorite superheroes are the ladies of Marvel, and I was thrilled that these women would be spotlighted. So, I succumbed to the subscription box madness–just this once….