Nerd∙ily’s Niceties of May

Welp, I dropped the ball on April’s edition, but I’m coming back strong from May! This particular month featured some of the most fun posts I’ve written–plus a kickass giveaway. Get ready, because we’re going to have a good time reminiscing today on Nerd∙ily’s Niceties! Nerding Out at Work: Style Guide Working two jobs, I […]

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Nerd•ily’s Niceties of March

Welcome back to Nerd•ily’s Niceties with my favorites from March! March was such an eventful month that I had a hard time finding a place to start for this post. But hopefully that means that this post will be all the more entertaining! From comics to conventions, March was full of excitement. Maybe you’ll agree as […]

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Nerd•ily’s Niceties of February

Heh, bet you thought I completely forgot about this series. Well, you’d be partially wrong, because I very nearly did. Hey, it happens. But, it’s time for another installment of Nerd•ily’s Niceties, and this one’s pretty entertaining. Not only was there an extra day in February this year, there was also extra excitement and extra stress. though […]

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Nerd•ily’s Niceties of 2015

With the site’s anniversary fast approaching, I thought I would take a look back at what we’ve accomplished here on Nerd•ily. From DIYs, to long reads, to reviews, there was a lot to sift through. But, there are a few gems in the large pile I’ve collected over one year of blogging. Below, you’ll find […]

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