Nerdily Reviews: Detective Pikachu

We’re discussing the new Detective Pikachu movie in this installment of Nerdily Reviews. Check it out for an in-depth look into the story, characters, and more!

Whose Side Are You On? 

Friday. Friday’s the day when the war begins: the Civil War.  Okay, scoff if you want, but that was pretty clever. Yes, our wait will finally be over, and we’ll get to know what the hell happens between Tony and Steve. Unless you’ve read Civil War, then you have some idea already. Out of this…

How to Prepare for The Force Awakens Premiere

So, here we are. After waiting for months since the first teaser trailer’s debut, we will finally be graced by Lord Abrams’s good graces. We shall finally witness the glory that is The Force Awakens this Friday, when it premieres across the country. Except, I didn’t get a ticket for the premiere on Friday. Whoops.  I’ll…

Jurassic World: A Review from a Former Kid Paleontologist

When I was about three-years-old I snuck my first peek at Jurassic Park. From a very young age, I have loved dinosaurs, so of course I was tempted to watch the 1993 movie. Since then, Jurassic Park has held a special place in my heart. Each time I watch it, I feel like a kid again–the same kid…

And What’s the Deal with All These Live-Action Disney Movies?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Disney. Having been born in Florida, I have been around it for many years; and just like most kids, I grew up watching the movies, the Disney Channel, and dressing up as princesses and other characters. I have no problems with Disney…but I am getting a little annoyed….