My Unconventional Fandoms

Fandom comes in all shapes and sizes, and some fandoms aren’t often in the spotlight. We’re exploring my favorite unconventional fandoms to help show that each one is valid no matter how obscure.

How to Cosplay on a Budget: Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it: cosplay isn’t the cheapest hobby. Once you factor in all of the materials, accessories, and time costs, it can add up fast. Cosplayers–including myself–know this all too well, so it’s definitely important to set monetary limits on yourself where you can so you don’t break the bank–especially if you’re new to cosplay….

Nerdily Reviews: Detective Pikachu

We’re discussing the new Detective Pikachu movie in this installment of Nerdily Reviews. Check it out for an in-depth look into the story, characters, and more!

Best Cheap Makeup Brands for Cosplay

If you’re new to cosplay, and are unsure where to turn for good, affordable cosmetics, then take a look at my favorite cheap makeup brands perfect for cosplaying!