My Unconventional Fandoms

Let me preface this post with a belief I wholeheartedly hold: not one fandom is superior to the other. With that being said, I call these soon-to-be-mentioned fandoms “unconventional” simply because they’re not the ones that are typically considered as fandoms like Marvel, DC, My Hero Academia, or others. However, they are spheres I am very much involved with, but they just may not get discussed as often as the latest Marvel movies.

Today, I’m going to spotlight some of my favorite unconventional fandoms! I figured this would be a great way to share a little bit more about myself, and hopefully find other nerds of similar persuasions (spoiler: I like a lot of creepy stuff). Either way, maybe I will introduce you to your new favorite fandom! I’ll leave my suggestions on what to check out from each so you can get well-acquainted with it better.

Paranormal Research/Cryptids

Since I was a a wee one, I have always liked creepy stuff. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (you’ll learn more about that soon), and anything involving ghosts, vampires, and cryptozoological creatures. If it involved The Unexplained, I was all over it.

One of my main passions is the paranormal and paranormal research. I cannot tell you how many paranormal-based shows I have watched in my lifetime, and I’ve probably watched all of the most popular ones. I also had a stint when I was a tween where I was obsessed with vampires and the lore surrounding them; now it’s the Mothman.

I’ve also found that people who love cryptids like Mothman, the Loch Ness Monster, and El Chupacabra are pretty rad individuals.

What You Should Check Out

  • Paranormal State (TV Series)
  • Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack (TV Series)
  • That’s Weird (Podcast)
  • Lore (Podcast)
  • Ghost Adventures (TV Show)
  • Celebrity Ghost Story (TV Show)

Halloween (The Holiday)

As I have previously mentioned, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I used to re-watch 90s Halloween specials over and over when I was a kid year-round, I’ve always started planning costumes in July, and I’ve felt comforted around Halloween images and decorations. Now with the beauty that is Instagram, I can find others who also celebrate Halloween all year long, and that fandom is so much fun. You can find cool projects and products to keep the spirit of Halloween around even past October, and there is a thriving community that’ll back you up.

Mickey of Nerdily in a Halloween-themed dress in front of a black and orange polka dot background.

What You Should Check Out

I also run an annual series during the month of October called NERDIWEEN if you want some nerdy spoop in your life!

Last Podcast on the Left

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re ore than likely well aware of my love for Last Podcast on the Left. I’e seen them live twice, I (try to) tune in every Tuesday for their livestream, and I’ve made gifts for each host. I’m in deep.

For those unaware, LPOTL has been a long-running podcast that covers true crime, serial killers, alien conspiracies, cryptids, cults, and the paranormal. Basically, if you can think of anything creepy, they’ve probably done an episode on it. The three hosts–Ben, Marcus, and Henry–often put a humorous spin on their commentary, which helps break the tension on their Heavy Hitters episodes. LPOTL is also a series that is highly informative, as the boys (mostly Marcus) conduct extensive research for each episode to provide the best content. If you’re into the macabre and ooky spooky side of life, I can’t recommend Last Podcast on the Left more.

Also, I got to hug Ben one time and I’ll never forget it.

The three hosts of Last Podcast on the Left standing on a stage at a live performance.
From their Chicago live show in December 2018

What You Should Check Out

  • Episode 79: Creepypasta 4: Then Who Was Phone?
  • Episodes 323-325: Men in Black Part I-III
  • Episodes 320-322: Biggie and Tupac Part I-III
  • Episodes 99-100: Ted Bundy Part I-II
  • Episode 144: Halloween Breakdown
  • Episodes 285-287: Norwegian Black Metal Part I-III
  • Episodes 300-304: Jonestown Part I-V
  • Episode 177: Mysterious Sounds and Recordings
  • Episode 209: Ghost Cats of the South


This one is much more lowkey comparatively, but I am a huge fan of RedLetterMedia, a movie commentary channel on YouTube. Focusing on horrible B-Movies and recent release reviews, the main hosts Jay, Mike, Jack, Josh, and Rich Evans bring sardonic humor to the maximum in each video. Offering series titled “Best of the Worst,” “Half in the Bag,” and “re:View,” the boys of RLM often explore what makes films good and bad, and I’ve learned more about film-making and movie recommendations than I ever thought I would from one channel. I don’t meet many other RLM fans in-person, but there is a dedicated Reddit community. All I can say is that, if I’m watching YouTube, I’m more than likely re-watching a RedLetterMedia video.

Fun Fact: If you’ve ever seen this picture, then you should know it’s a picture of RLM host Rich Evans.

What You Should Check Out

  • Best of the Worst: Vampire Assassin, Hack-o-Lantern, Cathy’s Curse
  • Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #16
  • John Carpenter’s The Thing: re:View
  • Half in the Bag: The Mummy

Golden Girls

Now for something super light-hearted. I have been a die-hard fan of The Golden Girls for years. It’s what I watched when I felt homesick in England, and it’s what I watch now when I need something funny and comforting. It’s also such a well-written show for its time, and broke many boundaries. Some days I wish I was a Blanche but most of the time I feel like Dorothy. And the best part is that everyone who has seen this show loves it, and how can you not?

What You Should Check Out

  • S3E1: Old Friends
  • S3E25: Mother’s Day
  • S7E2: The Case of the Libertine Belle
  • S2E5: Isn’t it Romantic?
  • S2E14: The Actor
  • S2E23: Son-in-Law Dearest
  • S1E3: Rose the Prude
  • S4E15: Valentine’s Day
  • S4E22: Sophia’s Choice
  • S6E26: Henny Penny–Straight, No Chaser

What are your unconventional fandoms you subscribe to? Have you found your new unconventional fandom with this list? Let me know so we can nerd out together! I feel like you can never have enough fandoms.

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    I saw this title and I was like ‘YUP this is me!’. While I’m not a part of any of the followers you listed here, I certainly know where you’re coming from. Many of my fandoms are from book series’ which most people have never heard of, let alone read. Even as a gamer I seem to be into fandoms that are the complete opposite to everyone else.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mickey says:

      Yeah it’s tough when you’re into things that not many others seem t know much about, but they are fandoms that are so important to you. I think we need to celebrate the little guys more often!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can I be a part of the Nerdily fandom? 😉 I feel like my McElroy fandom has become more mainstream lately which is both fantastic and terrible. I’m a fan of far too many book series – like Heather. I have made some really good friends in the The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making fandom and the Discworld fandom!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH! I’m also a fan of onions and feta. I am so much a fan that I made this watermelon salad recently specifically because it was all onion and feta-y? OMG. So good.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mickey says:

        That sounds really good!


    2. Mickey says:

      Those sound lie so much fun! And yes, you can absolutely be a part of the Nerdily fandom!


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