How to Survive the Renaissance Faire While in Costume

Renaissance Faire season begins this week in my area, and I’m getting ready to dress up, drink mead, and get up to some tomfoolery! While dressing up in an elaborate costume is tons of fun, there are some steps that need to be taken to ensure that I am comfortable, cool, and able to party all weekend long while I’m in costume. Since it’s Ren Faire season for many of you all as well, I wanted to share my tips on how to comfortably enjoy the Faire while you are in costume!

Mickey of Nerdily dressed in witch costume at Renaissance Faire.

Invest in a Tankard or Reusable Cup

Many Ren Faire goers can always be seen with a cool tankard or cup that they can refill throughout the day, and it is perhaps one of the smartest things to carry on you while you’re having your fun. Not only is it environmentally conscious and period-appropriate, but it’ll come in handy when you need some water to cool down.

Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt is one of the most useful accessories to incorporate into your attire. Many of the Faire’s costumed staff utilize belts because you can hold most of your important items on it, like your tankard (with the help of a tankard strap), a purse, a fan, and any other accessories you want to incorporate. It also keeps everything within arm’s reach so you can grab it quickly and keep it within your eyesight.

Belt on dressform with a tankard, drawstring bag, and wand attached.
Ye Olde Utility Belt

Carry a Fan

One of the most common comments I get when I tell people I dress up at the Renaissance Faire is, “Don’t you get hot in all that?” And the answer is, “Well, yeah.” Wearing most costumes can get super hot and overwhelming, especially if you’re outside during a Midwestern summer, but what definitely helps to beat the heat is to use a fan. The one shown here was $6 (I got it at the Ren Faire), and has definitely been the absolute best investment I’ve made for my costume. You can buy a simple one like mine, or purchase one of the fancy feather ones for around $20-$30. Either way, these are an essential item to have.

Wicker fan on light blue background.

Drink Water

It is so important to stay hydrated while at the Renaissance Faire, especially if yours takes place in the summer. Especially if you have a tankard and access to a water fountain/clean water source, there’s no excuse to not stay hydrated!

Wear Cotton Undergarments

If you’re into wearing historical costumes, you’ll know that much of the undergarments worn during this time period were made out of cotton. This is because they are made to be breathable and washable, but having cotton undergarments–like a chemise–will help to keep you cool by allowing airflow. If it’s made out of anything synthetic, it could make for an uncomfortable experience.

Witch costume photo collage with each piece added on in sequence from undergarments to outer garments.

Hats Are Your Best Friend

Another historically-accurate item to help make our dressed-up experience comfortable is to wear a hat. Much of the Renaissance social classes wore a hat of some kind, so just pick a style that fits with your costume! Not only are hate fashionable, but they also keep the sun off your face and the back of your neck.

Chart showcasing the various headdress and hat styles from the Renaissance era

Are you ready to dress up for your local Renaissance Faire? Check out my easy-to-follow
costume guide
and get inspired to build your own ensemble! And if you do
attend, tag me in your photos! I love seeing other Faire-goers.

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for?


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  1. The reusable mug is a nice idea. I don’t really drink mead all that much because I get dehydrated easily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mickey says:

      It’s also good for those soda stands they have sometimes where you can just pay one price and refill all day!


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