Becoming Midnight: Cosplay Notes & Overview

I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to make a blog post about my Midnight cosplay, but decided that it may be helpful to someone who is going along a similar journey, so here we are! If you follow me on Instagram, you more than likely followed along with the whole creation process, and many of the behind-the-scenes shots will more than likely be taken from my story updates.

A little background real quick before we dive in: as you may know, I have a profound love for My Hero Academia, and part of what makes the show/story so great are the characters. At the beginning of 2019, when I had just finished watching the series, I immediately thought about what character I could cosplay. For some reason, the first and only choice that came to my mind instantly was Midnight. Now, let me interject here with a few facts about me: while I am working on it–and I’m better than I was years ago–I am not the most confident person. I’m also fairly conservative with my body, and I don’t have the best positive body image. So which character do I immediately decide to cosplay? This gal right here:

Midnight from My Hero Academia holding her whip.

However, creating and wearing my Midnight cosplays was one of the best things I could’ve done for my self-esteem. But, I’ll explain that at the end. I’ve rattled on enough and it’s time to go over the actual cosplay details.

Midnight Cosplay Overview

To start off, here are the materials I used for the first version of my Midnight cosplay:

Supplies and Materials

  • Cosplay Fabrics x Yaya Han faux leather 4-way stretch fabric and purple 4-way stretch fabric
  • Red vinyl fabric
  • Gold pyramid studs
  • 2mm and 6mm EVA foam
  • Magnetic snaps
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Gold Rub n’ Buff
  • Fabri-Tac permanent fabric glue
  • Red acrylic gems (bought here)
  • Muslin
  • Hooks & eyes
  • Silicone molds
  • Red model paint

Cosplay Pieces I Bought

Planning and Construction

Before I began any sewing or fully started to make my Midnight cosplay, I had to assess what needed to be made and what items I could buy. The main items I knew I would definitely make were her glasses, belt, the black bodysuit, her purple stockings, and some of the red gems on the black bodysuit. From there, everything else would be bought and modified if needed.

For the black bodysuit and the stockings, I knew that I would have to make the patterns for both of these pieces since they were rather unique. I decided to make the purple stockings since I have short legs and they’re rather thick, and buying a pair would cost more money in the long run. These were fairly simple to draft a pattern for, and after two tries I made a pair that fit well and look great.

My stockings were made out of a purple 4-way stretch material by Cosplay Fabrics x Yaya Han, and I used scrap pieces of faux leather stretch fabric from my black bodysuit for the bands at the top.

Here is the main tutorial I consulted to draft my stockings pattern.

For the black bodysuit, however, that pattern was made through the process known as draping. Basically, you take some spare fabric (I used cotton muslin), drape it on a dressform that has your specific measurements, make marks for how your garment will lay, and later cut out these pieces to create a pattern.

This was my first time draping, and after much time tweaking the pattern and design, I created the base black bodysuit. I also used a bodysuit I already owned as a reference for how high up I should cut the leg holes, and modeled the crotch off of it.

Now to embellish the black bodysuit.

This part of Midnight’s costume has unique red gem-like embellishments on it, and I knew that some of them would be acrylic red gems and the rest would be made using my hot glue casting method and painted. I then adhered these to the neck piece and collar of the black bodysuit using Fabric-Tac permanent fabric glue (you can also use super glue, but it may slightly warp the fabric).

Close-up of the black bodysuit details for Midnight cosplay.

The final two components that I had to make for my Midnight cosplay were her belt and glasses. This was my first time really working with foam and manipulating it. I got really comfortable using a Dremel to smooth and even out the edges, and later on–when I worked on my updated glasses–a heat gun to seal the foam.

I made my belt in a similar manner I show in my cosplay belt tutorial, but the closure and the buckle were a little different. The template I used came from an enlarged image of a pre-made costume that I printed and cut out. I wanted the buckle to look three-dimensional, so I used 6mm foam for the buckle’s base that was painted red, and then the “X” pattern was made out of 2mm foam with gold Rub n’ Buff. These were then glued together and sealed, and i added one end of a magnetic clasp to the underside, and attached its mate to one end of the belt.

My original glasses were made out of the same 2mm EVA foam and painted using the same red paint I had used for my hot glue gems and the belt buckle base, and I adhered it to my face using eyelash glue. The pattern was made in the same method I used for my belt buckle, which I transferred onto cardstock since it was a little delicate.

Once the glasses were done, then it was time to focus on the modifications I had to make for my store-bought pieces.

Alterations and Modifications

Not too many modifications needed to be made, but I still had a few that needed to be completed to solve certain issues that came up in my try-ons.

The main piece that needed to be altered was the original white bodysuit I got so that it would look more like Midnight’s, and so it would work better with the other pieces I was going to wear for the cosplay. I shortened the sleeves and legs, added stirrups to the bottoms, and I added snaps to the collar (and to the black bodysuit that I would wear over it). Once that was done, the white bodysuit was easier to wear.

The final modification that needed to happen came out of an issue I discovered early on before I decided to buy a corset. I had bought a super simple garter belt to wear under the black bodysuit, but due to the tension created from the garter belt holding up my stockings, it would become visible, and I couldn’t disguise it.

When I decided that I did want to wear a corset, I figured I would take the garters off of the garter belt and sew them onto the trim of the corset. That way, the corset would provide a sturdy base so that my stockings would stay up, and I could complete Midnight’s look.

I also painted the metal closures on the corset using red model paint.

Finished Look

Overall, I was–and still am–incredibly proud of this cosplay. I wore it first at C2E2 2019, and I received nothing but nice words about it. It was also surprisingly comfortable to wear (I did waist training for a month so that the corset would be wearable). I also had these beautiful pictures done by my friend Maddie at C2E2.

Updating the Midnight Cosplay

After the convention, I had planned to attend ACEN, and I wanted to wear Midnight again. But there were some components of the cosplay that needed to be updated for better wearability and functionality, so I began to update these pieces.

The Wig

The component that needed updating the most was my wig. The original one I had worn to C2E2 had accrued quite a bit of damage. When I tried to fix the original wig, I ran into some major issues and decided to completely redo it with a higher-quality wig, and some new skills I had picked up after researching wig styling techniques.

After much searching, I decided on the Eros style from Epic Cosplay Wigs in the color “Purple Black Fusion.” I also bought a pack of the 35″ wefts to add some additional length and volume. I decided on this style because it was already a thicker wig, you could change the part, and the color was closer to what I interpreted as Midnight’s hair color. I took my time to style it, and I was extremely happy with the results:

View this post on Instagram

💇‍♀️ Another Wig Restyling! 💇‍♀️ . Well, it’s not so much a “restyling” as it is a “I had to buy a brand new wig and style that after trying to restyle the old one.” 😅 After trying to restyle the original wig I had purchased for Midnight, I ran into some noticeable issues; namely, the more I styled it, the more the wig cap became visible. It was a cheap wig I had gotten off Amazon, and while I loved it, I had a choice to make: start from scratch on the original wig, and buy another wig to harvest for wefts, OR start over on a nicer, brand-new wig. I went for the latter. 💇‍♀️ . After an extensive shopping around session, I chose the Eros wig from @epiccosplaywigs in the Purple Black Fusion, and got a pack of 35” wefts for a little extra length. For reference, I went with Midnight’s hair in Vigilantes because it had a bit more flow, and I was confident I could replicate it better than the super-spiky version she has in the main story. After ~20 hours of work and styling, I have a wig that I honestly can’t believe I actually created. It’s a complete 180 from the original and I love it so much. I know I post A LOT of Midnight but this costume is the one where I feel like I’m developing the most as a seamstress and maker. I recently remade her glasses and those are a complete departure from the first iteration, and that all came from trial-and-error, and learning from foamsmithing tutorials. Same with this wig—there is A LOT of trial and error. So, TL;DR: I am hecking proud of this, and the progress I’ve made in my maker skills. 💜 . . . . #wig #wigstyling #wigstyle #cosplaywig #wigtransformation #cosplay #midnight #bhna #mha #manga #anime #midnightcosplay #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #myheroacademiavigilantes #vigilantes #plusultra #beforeandafter #wiggingout

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After trying it on, however, I discovered that the length would be a big issue, and I would run the risk of it becoming severely tangled. Because of that, I later took quite a bit of length off so I could take care of it easier. But compared to my first wig, I love the look of my second wig compared to the first, and I learned a lot of new techniques to use on future wigs.

The White Bodysuit

The other big piece I wanted to update was the white bodysuit. I wasn’t 100% on the original one I had purchased and modified, but mainly I hated the fit of the bodysuit. It was tight and rather thin, so I decided that I was going to make one.

I decided to try a bodysuit pattern that was new to me, which is Simplicity #8670. This pattern, by far, is the best bodysuit pattern I have ever used. It has easy-to-follow instructions, includes stirrups in the pattern, and is designed to fit curvy bodies. 12/10 do recommend.

The Glasses

Wanting to experiment with foam-smithing techniques, I decided to make Midnight’s glasses much sturdier and look more like glasses. The main differences between my original glasses and the new pair were the use of 4mm EVA foam, a heat gun to shape it, and glasses arms I took off a Dollar Store pair and painted.

Version 2 Finished Look

The results of all the updates definitely elevated the overall look of my Midnight cosplay, and I felt more like the character than I did with the first version. Though I wish my test run in it at ACEN were a bit of a better experience, as I was sweaty, hot, and worried of the integrity of my makeup for most of the time I was in the cosplay. But you can expect to see a lot of her on Tik Tok (@nerdilyblog).

Final Thoughts on My Midnight Cosplay

I’m sure it’s getting kid of annoying for those of you who follow me on my social media accounts to see me obsess over this cosplay and the character of Midnight, but the reason for that is one I didn’t really expect when I started this build.

As I said in the introduction, I basically picked this character on a whim. I wanted to cosplay a My Hero Academia character, but I wasn’t sure which character would fit me as a person. I chose Midnight because 1) I thought she would be a fairly simple cosplay, and 2) I liked that she had purple hair and glasses. The more I got into making her come to life, and the more I rewatched the episodes where she is most prominent, the more I realized that she was a character I had needed in my life.

While yes, that does sound incredibly cheesy, let me explain: Midnight is a Pro Hero in the world of MHA who is respected as a professional and as a teacher with authority. We see her often giving her professional opinion in UA staff meetings, performing as an officiate at the Sports Festival, and giving genuine feedback to students. She also happens to have an overtly sexy aesthetic and hero schtick, which is’t used against her to diminish her credibility as a Pro Hero. And, on top of all this, she is CONFIDENT AS HELL in her abilities, talents, and looks.

More or less, she’s everything I have ever wanted to be in my life.

So, while creating my Midnight cosplay–and frankly, in my everyday life now–I tried to embody her mentality and confidence. If I felt nervous about how thick my legs looked, I would rationalize it with thoughts like, “Well, Midnight wouldn’t concern herself with how thick her thighs are. She’d embrace her t h i c c n e s s.” or “Midnight would really like how tall these boots are because they give her legs more coverage.”

And yes, that sounds rather silly for a grown woman to think those things, it made me feel better about wearing the cosplay. Not only that, but I’ve now carried this sentiment int my everyday life. As previously mentioned, I’ve not always been the most confident person when it came to my body, but with this Midnight mentality, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and love the way I look. In my mind, if I were Midnight, I wouldn’t be concerned with the way I look because I would know that I am a smart, confident, talented, and sexy woman.

I’ve never resonated with a character like this in my time cosplaying as I have with Midnight, so if I obsess over her, that’s pretty much why!

Who knew a superhero who adopted a dominatrix aesthetic would make me love myself?

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading until the end! I know it’s a long one, but hopefully this gives you a better look into my cosplay process, helps you with your own Midnight cosplay, or just entertained you. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

And if you’re looking for more cosplay-related content, take a look at my cosplaying on a budget tips, or my cheap makeup recommendations for cosplay, or see my other cosplay builds for Batgirl and Princess Peach!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Your cosplay looks so good! I have only read Volume #1 of My Hero Academia and I’m not sure if Midnight has been introduced yet?

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    1. Mickey says:

      Thank you! She hasn’t yet, but you’ll see her soon!


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