Free Comic Book Day Survival Guide | 5 Things You Should Know Before FCBD

Hey there, Nerds! I know! A comic book-related post from me? It’s been too long!

As some of you may know, Free Comic Book Day 2018 is fast-approaching, but if you have never experienced such a magical day, you may be wondering what FCBD is all about. What is Free Comic Book Day? When is it? What should I know if I’ve never gone? All this and more will soon be answered!

What is Free Comic Book Day? 

FCBD is an annual event hosted by select local comic shops to help promote comic books, get involved in the community, bring awareness to how awesome comic shops are, meet comic book creators, and foster an environment for comic nerds of all ages to come together to hang out.

Like the name suggests, comic shops offer free comic books from publishers like DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, BOOM!, and more. Often times, these are Issue #0 or #1 of a series, one-off stories, or maybe ever prequels/sequels!

If you’ve been wanting to get more into comic books, but are unsure of where to start, Free Comic Book Day is an awesome opportunity to dive head first into this world.

Fun fact: I got heavily involved in the comic community and started going to my local comic shop after attending FCBD 3 years ago!

When is Free Comic Book Day? 

This annual event is held on the first Saturday in March (this year, it will be on May 5th! Cinco de Mayo!).


What Should I Know Before Attending Free Comic Book Day?

If this will be your first year going to FCBD, it may seem pretty overwhelming. While there is quite a lot of hustle and bustle, here are my Top 5 tips for FCBD, and things you should keep in mind:

1.) Get to Your Local Comic Shop EARLY

Check when your local shop opens, and arrive an hour earlier than that time. Many people line up ahead of time so they can get the comics they want before they run out. Also, if there is one particular title you’ve been eyeing, arriving early will ensure you have a better chance at snagging a copy.

 2.) Have a Game-Plan

There are many, many lists available online that will tell you what titles you can grab on FCBD. Make a list of your top 5 or so comics, and have those handy when it’s your turn at the counter.

3.) Know Your Limit

Many comic shops have a limit on how many comics you can have on FCBD. This is to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at getting exactly what they want. Call or visit your local shop ahead of Saturday, and find out if they set a limit.

Also, as a tie-in to Tip #2, know your top 3 titles you absolutely have to have, but have others for backup in case one of your favorites is out.

4.) Attend / Enjoy the Events and Guests

Many comic shops (mine included) host local artists, comic book creators, and fun activities for you to partake in on FCBD. This is a great way to get to know the staff of your local shop, meet others in the comic book community, and learn more about the wonderful world of comics–especially if you’re new to it!

5.) Be Kind to the Comic Shop Staff!!

Free Comic Book Day can get pretty nuts fairly quickly, and can be overwhelming if you’re a newbie. But think of how frazzled and overwhelmed that may make staff of your local comic shop. They’re people, too, and it does you no good if you’re cranky and rude to them. Be kind and patient, and they will be kind and patient with you.


All in all, Free Comic Book Day is a fun time to be had. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest you go at least once and try it out. You never know what cool stuff you may find!

A full list of all free comics offered can be found at the FCBD website, along with a list of participating comic shops.

If you’re preparing to snag some comics for yourself, and you’re completely new to the fandom, take a look at my handy-dandy Beginner’s Guide to Comicbooking to ease any worries you may have.



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  1. I was also going to suggest make sure you buy something from the comic shops. They are handing out so many free comics so to show your support, actually buy things from that shop.


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