Nerd Year’s Resolutions | 2018

Welcome to 2018, Nerds! Can you believe we don’t have flying cars yet? Come on, Science!

Anyway, if you remember this time last year, I posted my nerdy New Year’s Resolutions (or Nerd Year’s Resolutions), wherein I listed some goals I wanted to reach by the end of 2017. To keep with that tradition, I’ve come up with five new nerdy resolutions I hope to accomplish by the time 2018 comes to a close.


Before I get to the new, it’s time to resolve the old, and take a look back at my successes of 2017 (this will be quick, I promise)!

2017 Successful Resolutions

  • “Hand-Make My Own Cosplays”

If you follow me at all on social media–especially Instagram–then you know that, yes, this resolution was an absolute success! Not only did I complete my first fully fabricated cosplay, but I also completed several others, including a Snow White one and my Starfleet uniform. Whew!

My pride and joy of 2017
  • “Sew More”

In conjunction with the above resolution, I indeed did sew more in 2017, which was awesome. Sewing more meant that I got the chance to sharpen my skills, hone my techniques, and learn new best practices. On top of the aforementioned cosplays, I got into making everyday clothing items, which help with my knowledge of how patterns work and basic clothing construction.

  • “See More Movies”

Since I started dating my boyfriend, the number of movies I’ve seen (both new and old) has definitely doubled–if not tripled. My boyfriend’s a huge movie buff, so tagging along meant I got to see some amazing flicks like Wonder WomanGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. IILogan, and the remake of Stephan King’s It. But I’ve also expanded my range of genres, meaning that I’ve opened myself up to a whole host of movies now.

  • “Be more brave”

While this one is a tough one to quantify, I know I was much braver in 2017 than in previous years. I’m much more confident with my skills and knowledge, I readily accept new challenges and adventures, and I’ve learned to say “no” when I don’t feel comfortable or willing (rather than saying “yes” to please others). For me, this is a personal win for sure.

Now, onto my 2018 Nerd Year’s Resolutions!

Be a Better Trekkie

Last year, I wanted to watch every since episode and movie in the Star Trek universe. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Luckily, though, I now have an excellent excuse to watch more Star Trek: my boyfriend!

He’s not a trekkie, but he’s been making his way through The Next Generation, so he needs guidance through this wonderful world, right? And who’s going to help him, I wonder…

So, yes, I should be able to accomplish this.

Create a Cosplay/Sewing Project Bible

This is something that I’ve noticed as an industry standard for broadway and ballet costume designers, and it’s a practice that I want to incorporate into my methodology.

Basically, a Bible in this instance is a big book of all of the wonderful components that go into each costume. For costume designers, this is a great tool to utilize for not only categorizing pieces, but to see what materials were used, notes on the process, and a brief overview about the construction of each garment.


In my case, I want to make my own so that I can keep tabs on past cosplays and major sewing projects. This will help me remember what materials worked/what didn’t, which patterns I’ve used were the best to work with, and as a fun memento of the process.

I’ll take swatches of each material used on a given project, some photos of the cosplay or garment as a whole, and file away all of that knowledge into this Bible. This is going to be especially helpful, because I plan on doing some major repair and updating to my Batgirl cosplay.

Update This Blog

I know I slowly started to neglect this blog towards the end of 2017, and it was mainly because I had no drive whatsoever to keep going with it. But, after some major brainstorming sessions, and some fresh ideas I have concocted, I feel rejuvenated, and can’t wait to update and expand the blog at last.

Complete 3 New Major Cosplays For 2018

While I can’t guarantee that I will attend more conventions in 2018, what I love most is just creating cosplays. Even if I don’t wear them out, I just want to make shit, so that’s what I’m going to do!

For 2018, I am going to plan, execute, and complete 3 major cosplay projects to add to my portfolio (and Bible). What those will be, I’m not quite sure yet. I do know that I definitely want to make a Princess Peach cosplay now that I have the pattern, and maybe even Odette from The Swan Princess. Who knows? But I’m sure as hell excited!


Re-launch my YouTube Channel!

Yes! For 2018, I am going to dive fully into YouTube once again! For a while, I thought that I would keep up with this more, but it takes double the work to manage, create, edit, and upload videos. But I want to try again and see how it goes!

The channel will not replace this blog, but will rather serve as a supplement to it. This will be especially handy for sewing projects, and can be a great way to show the process of certain DIYs. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even vlog!


As always, a HUGE thanks goes out to all of you: those who read my posts, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and to those who simply engage with my content. We’re currently 423 nerds strong right now, and I hope with the combined efforts of you and I that we can double that by the end of the year.

So, again, thank you all for your support ❤ I hope you have an awesome 2018!

What are your Nerd Year’s Resolutions? Did you accomplish any of your 2017 goals? Let me know down below so we can nerd out together!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sadie by Design says:

    Happy new year’s babe! I can’t wait to see all the great things you do this year. You’ve inspired me already. I need to get that first blog post of the year up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omneyaswish says:

    I loved how you did a look back and you are a very good sewer. I am impressed with your Cos Play and look forward to watching you on YT.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your new year’s resolutions are awesome! I’m super excited for your youtube channel, can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you!! I hope it will be entertaining and helpful!


  4. Good luck with your goals! Can’t wait to see where you take your cosplay and youtube channel!

    Liked by 1 person

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