Casual Cosplay of the Day | August


Welcome back, Nerds, to the last summertime Casual Cosplay of the Day! Cue the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff:

Speaking of the 90’s, this is quite the apropos song for today’s post, as August’s CCOD theme is 90’s Cartoons!  I thought that this theme would be fun to do for the end of summer, because when I think back to my childhood in the 90’s, I think of all of the summer fun I had during that time.

I also thought that this topic would give you guys free reign to choose a character that suits your style and personality. One of the good things about the cartoons of the 90’s was that there was a broad spectrum of diverse, enigmatic characters, so there’s likely to be a character from that time that you identify with in some way.

One 90’s cartoon that stood out to me while I was curating my outfit was the classic Sailor Moon show. If you’re anything like me, you LIVED for this show when it was in primetime. Sailor Moon brought to us such a magical and kick-butt world where the ladies took care of the bad guys. And everyone has their favorite Sailor Scout (Sailor Jupiter is mine).

They also had amazing style, with lots of pastel colors, clean lines, and feminine yet functional pieces. I took a cue from Usagi and the Sailor Scouts, and decided to put together an ensemble that was inspired by the outfits from Sailor Moon. 


So, how did I accomplish this? The world of Sailor Moon hosts a wide variety of styles and ensembles, but the basic structures remain mostly the same: a blouse that’s loosely fitting (to a degree), capped off with the clean lines of a pair of trousers or a circle/A-line skirt.

I found this 80’s-90’s era blouse at my local thrift shop, and added some magical and space-themed touches, like the yellow star buttons. I then paired it with a faux suede A-line skirt, and feminine–and, if I may say so, Usagi-worthy–red heels.

For make-up, I wanted to do something light, shimmery, and feminine, so I chose iridescent and pink shadows to add a slight pop of color. I then applied an ombre lip with two different pink shades–one with gold shimmer in it.

I kept accessories to a minimum, since the everyday fashion seen in Sailor Moon isn’t a huge focus. I did, however, wear a 90’s-inspired choker with a crescent moon pendant and my rosebud post earrings to honor Sailor Moon and my favorite Scout, Jupiter.


And that’s that! If you’re interested in jumping on the Casual Cosplay bandwagon, there is still time for August, and for the rest of the year! Also, new for this month, I’ve started a Pinterest board devoted to casual cosplays! For each theme, I will update it with coordinating month, so you can head over now to see all of the 90’s cartoon goodness, and hopefully find some inspiration!


Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below what you think of my Casual Cosplay of the Day, what character you’d cosplay as, or your favorite 90’s memory! And makes sure to share your outfits with me on Twitter and Instagram by tagging me and using #nerdilyccod in your caption! I can’t wait to see your creations!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for?

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