The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Comic Shop

In today’s modern age, visiting a brick-and-mortar store seems so archaic. With a good majority of items available online, it’s hard to resist a virtual shopping spree. So, why would anyone go buy things like comic books at an actual comic shop when you can get digital copies to any mobile device?

I thought similarly a few years ago when I contemplated going to my local comic shop for the first time. I was apprehensive at first because I was unsure if I would find anything I liked, or if I would be welcomed. I figured if I wanted comics that I could just order them from Amazon, but I was curious, so I finally went one day and have been going ever since.

I love my comic shop; I look forward to my weekly visits, I attend in-house events (like our monthly Ladies Night), and I enjoy chatting with the people who work there. I can’t imagine a world where I don’t have a comic shop to go to, and I wish that everyone could feel the same comfort and camaraderie that I do when I go to my local shop.

In an effort to bring more awareness to comic shops–so that everyone can have a chance to find their comfort zone–I took an informal poll to find out why you all visit comic shops. There were some amazing responses, but they all followed a general theme.

If you’ve been wondering why you should step foot in a comic shop, or you’re just unsure if it’s the right environment for you, then take a look at these helpful tips that were gathered from my poll. Take a look, then find your local comic shop to start your comic book journey!

5.) Buy Your Favorite Comics/Geeky Goods

This is the most obvious point to make in this countdown, but it has to be stated. Comic shops are pretty much your #1 destination for all things geeky. Not only can you buy comics, but you can also peruse collectibles like Funko Pop! figures, find a coveted vintage comic, or even buy a new board game. If they don’t happen to have the item you covet most, most shops will try to locate it or order it for you.

4.) In-House Events

Many comic shops offer in-house events that occur weekly or monthly. These events can range from D&D tournaments, game nights, movie nights, events for kids only, or sponsored events from other local nerdy organizations. Plus, comic shops around the country host Free Comic Book Day and Halloween ComicFest: annual gatherings devoted to comics only! Simply follow your local shop on any form of social media, or simply ask to find out when the next event will take place.

3.) Support Local Businesses

Usually, comic shops are independently owned and operated, or are a part of small chains, meaning that most local shops don’t get the same kind of attention as big box stores. Shopping small/local is good for your town’s economy, and keeps places like comic shops alive and kicking. Just like you’d support your favorite local eatery, you can do the same by visiting your comic shop.

2.) Exclusives

Most comic shops receive the latest and greatest comics, but they also get exclusive merchandise. Particularly, if you’re into variant covers at all, a comic shop is your go-to destination. You might also find some other treasures an trinkets that are only available, and just around the corner from your house, too.

1.) Making Connections & Building Friendships

Contrary to popular (and unfair) belief, comic shops attendants are not unfriendly, and neither are the people who frequent them. Granted, I’ve never had a negative comic shop experience, but regularly visiting my local haunt has convinced me that there are amazingly nice comic geeks in the world. From going, I feel like I’ve made so many friends, forged connections, and boosted my social life. I can’t honestly can’t imagine my life without these people, I adore them that much. If you find the right comic shop, you can form amazing relationships, have a comic buddy, or a gaming partner—you never know what possibilities are open to you until you go to a comic shop.

If you love comics like I do, or you’re new to the world of comic books, explore The Beginner’s Guide to Comicbooking for helpful info and comic-based discussions. And don’t forget to let me know why you love your local comic shop in the comments below!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 


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  1. kaycreate says:

    Working events with comics shops is one of the things I REALLY want to do with art this year! My only down side is that living in a small town, the closest comic shop that hosts events and such is nearly an hour away from me. But I think it’ll be worth it to make those connections and support small businesses at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Absolutely! Plus it’s so much fun to go see an artist and talk to them. I think if you can swing it, it would be worth it!


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