The Cars of “Logan,” and Why They’re Just as Cool as Comics


A few weeks ago, I got the chance AT LAST to see Logan, which I had been dying to watch since the first trailer came out. I’ve loved the X-Men movies since I was a kid, and Hugh Jackman was my very first celebrity crush. How could I not see the final installment of Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine?

Well, let me just say that this movie blew my mind. I was astounded by it, and choked back tears at certain memorable scenes (for those of you who have seen you, you’ll know what I’m talking about). But, as I was biting the inside of my cheek and tensing from suspense, I noticed something quite remarkable about this film:

The cars.

For those of you who know me in my personal life, you’ll know that I am a HUGE gear head. I’ve always loved cars, and I even work in the automotive field. So, when I was watching Logan, and noticed that the title character was driving a fully customized Chrysler 300, my love for the movie skyrocketed.

The range of vehicles in Logan is quite impressive. There’s a Ram 1500 pickup, a vintage Ford Bronco, and a slew of that old vehicular standard, the Chevrolet Silverado. But the star of the show is the vehicle that’s most prominent in the film, which is Logan’s uber-futuristic limousine.

There are also modified stunt vehicles that are driven by the Reavers–the roving gang-like antagonists–and even autonomous semi trucks, which roam the highways.

So, what makes these cars just as cool as comic books? Well, I guess it really depends on what you’re into, but if you think about it, the vehicles in Logan are just as interesting because they are inspired by the comics from whence they came.

For example: Logan’s limo is perhaps the best indicator of the time period in which the film takes place, with its sleek lines, raised detailing, and nearly-hidden headlights and grille. It’s also very reminiscent of Logan himself, as it gets shot, scuffed, and beaten regularly, but still finds a way to keep moving. The limo is also my favorite car in the entirety of the movie.

Not only that, but these cars remind us of the time in which Logan is set. As outlined in this Jalopnik article, the limo, Reaver cars, autonomous trucks, and other cool cars are markers for how time has progressed since the present, and what’s happened in that time span.

If you look at the Reaver cars, you’ll notice the stark difference in styling when compared to Logan’s limo. To me, these vehicles tell the best story of what’s happened between storylines, and how the future (quite literally) has changed for mutant-kind. And, along those lines, the autonomous semi trucks also show how the world has shifted, and how technology has advanced.

Cars have always been a significant part of films since movies started being made. After all, what would Back to the Future be without the DeLorean? Or James Bond without his Aston Martin? Or any of the cars that Steve McQueen or James Dean drove in their movies? Whether you realize it or not, cars play a vital role in films, and they’ve certainly done their due diligence in Logan. 

(I could go on and on all day about cars.)

But, along that same vein, we can say the same thing about comic books. Comics have been significant indicators of the times, and have proven to be just as important in our pop culture as movies, TV shows, books, and even cars. So, if we are to think of comics in the same light as cars, then yes–the cars of Logan are just as cool as comic books.

While they may seem like simple vehicles to many, you’ve got to admit that they are pretty cool–even if you’re not into cars.

Did you have a favorite vehicle from Logan? are you a gear-head? What’s your favorite cinematic car? Let me know down below!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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  1. depepi says:

    Yup, I noticed the cars xDDDD how smashed they ended up, and how painful it was. Although I’m not a gear fan, I do love some wheels 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Yes!! The limo getting shot up was heartbreaking!


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