How to Brainstorm Blog Topics for Your Site

I know this may seem like a departure from the usual pieces I post here, but hear me out! Blogging isn’t as easy as it may seem, so some of us from the Geeks & Beauties community decided to take the guesswork out of this activity. Curated by my good friend, Zainey Laney, we all agreed to tackle a blogging/YouTube creation topic that will hopefully help those out there who are either thinking about starting their own site, running a YouTube channel, or want to freshen up their skills on the internet.

I’m in no way a blogging expert, but I have picked up some tricks along my journey in the blogosphere. My biggest issue I face from time to time is this: what do I blog about? I don’t like to put fluff out there for the sake of publishing another article, so I go through some serious brainstorming sessions before I start typing. Here are my tips and methods for brainstorming  blog topics to keep your content fresh and engaging!

1.) Make a List of Topics That Interest You

This is perhaps a no-brainer for many of you out there, but have you ever taken the time to thoroughly think out what topics interest you? I was having a conversation with someone the other day about what fandoms and nerd-related activities I’m interested in, and all of a sudden, there were topics that popped into my mind that I hadn’t thought about in quite a while. If I were to write down everything I’ve been interested in from the past to the present, I’m sure I’d have a few pages full of subjects I could talk about here.

When convenient, take a few moments to sit down and think about what you’re into, what has piqued your interest, and ideas that excite you enough to discuss. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the various things you can talk about with your audience.

2.) Research

Whether you’re looking for something new to share, or finding source materials, researching is still a valid practice for brainstorming. Who knows what you might find?

3.) Search for Trends 

This one goes hand-in-hand with #2, but it still needs to be said. Trends come and go, and some trends tend to be bigger–and more popular–than others. This all goes without saying, but when you know the latest and greatest trends, you can work that to your advantage. You can also find new material to discuss on your blog.

Let’s say, for instance, your blog is all about movies: you write about them, review them, rate them, etc. Maybe you’re keen on the hottest movie trends right now, such as superhero flicks, and you want to capture that market. So, you decide to publish a post at the beginning of the year about the upcoming superhero movies for 2017 like Doctor Strange, Logan, Wonder Woman, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Then, as these movies are released, you can go see them and then write reviews about them. Now you’ve got at least 5 posts you can create in the next several months. Easy, huh?

4.) Go With Your Gut

If you’re still having a hard time coming up with a topic, then go with what seems right to you. Not every blog post has to be about a blockbuster, or profound. Sometimes a blog is still a blog, and it’s meant for a variety of articles. If there’s an idea that you’ve been dying to share, then share your work! There’s nothing to penalize you whatsoever, and you stay true to yourself and the message of your blog.

5.) Start a Series

If you’re keen on discussing a particular subject for a prolonged period of time, then starting a series on that topic will give you plenty of opportunity to write. Take the movie blog example: in that instance, we discovered all of the possible blog topic relating to superhero movies. Now, suppose you decided to spin this into an ongoing series on your site? You can talk about a myriad of related topics, such as speculative movie posts, film adaptation vs. book debates, behind-the-scenes news, or your opinion on an upcoming film. Since your posts remain in the realm of the superhero movie genre, you can carve out a niche on your site that pertains to this genre. Now you’ve expanded your blog post ideas significantly, and can move forward with planning.

6.) Planning in Advance 

Though this might not seem like a brainstorming tip, I know for me that planning my blog posts in advance truly help with the creative process. Some of my favorite blog posts have come from a brainstorming session where I’ve thought ahead to upcoming events, movie releases, and other news that will come in the future. This method is especially handy for holidays and known public events.

In my case, I start thinking about my annual C2E2 Week months in advance. Between the time I’ve mapped out one blog post idea, I’ve found other inspiration that snowballs into more blog post topics, and pretty soon my week is already filled up.

7.) Keep a Running List of Ideas

Keeping a list of some possible blog topics is perhaps your best weapon against writer’s block. When you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, or you can’t seem to come up with one good idea, refer to your list to find inspiration. I know this method has helped me countless times when it seems like the well is dry. It’s also a good call to make because sometimes you can’t rely on your memory to store everything you think of.

And there you have it! Here are my brainstorming tips to create fun blog posts for your site! Make sure you check out Zainey Laney, and her creator series that’s up on her channel now! And while you’re there, take a look at the other amazing contributors to this particular collab! In the meantime, what are some of your best brainstorming methods? How do you create blog content? Share below with your fellow nerds! 

Life was made to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 



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