3 Geek Outfits for Fall

Today, I bring you something super exciting: my first Geeks & Beauties collaboration! This post has been several weeks in the making, and I am thrilled to show you what I’ve compiled for my part of the collab.

I had been debating between the Tarte Grav3yardgirl palette and the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. I finally made a decision one day when I was going through a serious bout of self-confidence issues. I hadn’t gone through such a self-induced crisis in quite some time, and I was struggling with my image big time. On one of my worse days, I went out to Ulta and grabbed the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. I could not be any more thrilled with my purchase.

After I bought the palette, I mention my purchase in our group; I had been asking around in an attempt to determine which one would work best. One of the admins, Laney, suggested a collab using the palette, and I was completely on-board. I haven’t done a proper collab with any of the ladies yet, so I’ve been looking forward to this ever since we planned it.

So, here is my part of the collaboration! I told the ladies involved that I would compile some nerdy outfits that would fit in well with the PB&J palette! These would be perfect outfits for those last minute autumn activities, for work or a night out, and even a casual cosplay! Check out what I’ve compiled, and be sure to take a gander at the other looks that Laney, Cassie, Ora, and Christina have created using this beautiful palette. You won’t regret it!

Outfit #1: Love of Literature


Having a degree in English, and working as an editor, I would say that I have a passion for the written word. Needless to say, I have a great many trinkets and outfits that are inspired by literature.

A great look for work, or even a relaxed night out, here’s an ensemble for any literature geek:


A soft, sepia-tone dress with dark tights and ankle boots pair well with your favorite book-themed accessories. My necklace says it all: “Literature is my Boyfriend.” Hey, at least he’s home every night. Add some quotation mark earrings, and you’re set.


For the eye make-up, I swept “Extra Creamy” onto my bow bone and inner corner to highlight. On my lid, I swept “Peanut Butter”, and then smudged “Jelly” lightly into the crease, on the outer corner, and on my lower lash line. For my lips, I used ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Love Bug.

Outfit #2: Mischief Managed 


In my neck of the woods, we’ve had a surprisingly mild autumn so far, meaning that it’s perfect bonfire weather. This look was inspired by those late nights around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows with friends, and quoting Harry Potter.

To keep you warm and cozy, with a bit of nerd flair, here’s a more causal look that’s ready for a fun night with your closest buds:


Comfort is key, so take your favorite nerd shirt and add a pair of your favorite black leggings. To keep your tootsies nice and warm, slip into some super soft thigh-high socks, and step into some tall, chestnut brown boots. Top off your look with your trusty denim jacket (emblazoned with nerdy pins, of course), and grab a large blanket scarf in case you tend to get chilly.



For the eye look, I applied “Spread the Love” on the brow bone and patted it in my inner corner. Next, I spread “Peanut Butter Cup” to my lid, and finished it off with “Jammin'” blended into my crease and outer corner. This creates a subtle and rich look. For a magical finish, I used NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Embellishment.

Outfit #3: Put a Smile on That Face


For the final look, I wanted to do a casual cosplay. I don’t think I’ve ever put one up on the blog before, but here goes nothing! The purple colors in the palette–specifically Jelly–gave me serious Joker vibes, so that’s what I ran with.

When you need to laugh a little, go with a look that says it all:


Greens and purples blend perfectly with the clean-cut lines of a plaid blazer and tailored jeggings, which are reminiscent of the Joker’s iconic suit. Wingtip flats give that classic menswear look, while still being feminine. Add a scarf with a kooky–yet complimentary–pattern, and you’re ready to put a smile on the faces of those around you.


For the make-up, I actually followed one of the suggested looks that was included with the palette, called PB&J. Take “Extra Creamy” and apply to the brow bone, then press “Jelly”  on the lid, followed by a smudge of the color halfway on the lower lash line. Finally, take “Nuts About U” and blend into the crease. I exaggerated the look even further by smudging on the outer half of my lower lash line a bright green shadow. Finish with a classic cat eye, lash extending mascara, and bright red lips.


I want to give a huge shoutout to Ora for my fall swap goodies! Each season, we usually do a gift exchange, wherein everyone gets paired up to someone, and they get a gift based on their online wishlist. The person doesn’t know who the gift giver is until they receive the gift.

Ora had me, and this is what she sent:



I love everything I got! I have yet to read the book, but just from skimming, I know I will love it. The candle smells heavenly, and I’ve already enjoyed the mask and tucked some goodies into the bag. Thanks, Ora!

If you want to see what I got for my swap partner, check out Bethany’s unboxing video below!

If you’re interested in joining Geeks & Beauties, get into contact with either Laney or Bethany. In the Geeks & Beauties community, we help support one another in our blogging and YouTube endeavors. The G&B group is open to everyone and anyone with a passion for geeky things, make-up/health/beauty products, and anything in between.

Which look was your favorite? Do you have the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette? Let’s nerd out below! 

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Hm…overall, I love all of the looks. My favorite clothes/accessories would have to be either Love of Literature or Mischief Managed. However, Mischief Managed has my favorite makeup look. Also, you look beautiful in all of the pictures – but if you’re looking for a new profile picture for anything, I’d go with the headshot of Mischief Managed…it makes your green eyes pop. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you! What a nice thing to say!! 😁


  2. depepi says:

    Lovely!!! 😀 (Although I must admit I’m a mess with the makeup xDDDD You look awesome!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kaycreate says:

    Love all the looks! I really love the last one. You look so great in them all!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been wanting the Peanut Butter Jelly pallette for so long!! I especially love the purple (grape jelly?) shade… Your haircut is super cute. I love the Joker cosplay look the most! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you!! Yeah the palette is super nice. It’s definitely worth the investment. I highly recommend!


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