Nerding Out | Stranger Things 

If you’re not aware of all the buzz that’s surrounding the Netflix series Stranger Things, then you are seriously living under a rock. Basically, it’s the small screen home run hit of the summer. Usually, I’m not one to get into the show du jour, but one of my friends nudged me to check out […]

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Nerding Out: The Origin Story

I got to thinking the other day about when my Star Trek obsession began. When I realized that it’s been about two years, I was blown away. Then I began to think back to the other fandoms I’ve loved over the years. Some had a strong hold over me for quite some time. Other fandoms were […]

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6 on 6 | July

Okay, true confessions time: I have been looking forward to this month’s prompt for quite some time. July’s 6 on 6 theme just so happens to be yellow, which is one of my favorite colors (that, and seafoam green). Not only is yellow one of my favorite colors, but this theme happens to fall on […]

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