The Beginner’s Guide to Comicbooking: FCBD Guide


This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! This is perhaps the most important day to all comic book geeks. Also, it’s a great, fun way to get introduced to this addiction. If you don’t know about this magical experience, here’s the lowdown: Free Comic Book Day is an annual event where anyone can go to a participating comic book store and obtain free comics. It’s a glorious experience that cannot be denied. I went last year and had a blast; unfortunately, I have to work all day this Saturday, so I’ll miss out on the festivities. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate!

If you’re planning on going, or you’re thinking of attending for the first time, then I hope this guide will prove useful! It’s important that you know which comics you want to pick up prior to arriving at your local shop. The shop will be busy with customers clamoring for comics (I’m so alliterative), and some shops restrict how many you can take. PLANNING IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE. So, let me help you out with the decision-making process. Below you’ll find my personal picks, and what I believe will be most popular this Saturday.

FCBD Homecoming Court (a.k.a. the popular kids)

Civil War II #1

As you’ll see in this list, most of the comics I predict to be popular are influenced by the upcoming releases of Marvel movies. This is one such comic. The Civil War plotline has been raging for ages, and with Captain America: Civil War premiering the day before FCBD, this will be a tasty morsel to gobble up. This comic also boasts the appearance of a brand new Marvel character. Who could it be???

Suicide Squad #1

From what I’m guessing, based on the synopsis given, this comic might be an introduction to the Suicide Squad. Since the movie will be coming out later this month, this is the perfect opportunity for DC to get new readers acquainted with their characters prior to the premiere. Needless to say, I think this will be a hot comic.


Valiant has been teasing its readers with this comic for some months now, and it will finally debut on Free Comic Book Day. There isn’t much information on what the comic’s plot will entail, but it will gives us a look into the future thanks to some acclaimed authors and artists.

Captain America #1

Steve Rodgers is officially back as Captain America. With Civil War on Friday, and the real-deal first issue coming out later this month, Cap is living the high life this year. How will Steve return to the world of comics? Guess we’ll find out Saturday!

mckelodeon’s Picks 

Camp Midnight

This delightful little tale comes from Image Comics, and feeds my inner middle-school-emo-child need for spooks. It’s literally the story of an incongruous girl who gets sent to a summer camp for monsters. Sign me up now!

Love and Rockets

A reboot of the classic series by the same title, Love and Rockets is returning to the world of comics with a FCBD preview! To be honest, I loved the art style on the cover, so I picked it instantly. I’m curious to see what the rest of the comic has to offer!

Grumpy Cat & Pokey 

HOW CAN I NOT PICK THIS COMIC?? The first run of Grumpy Cat & Pokey sold out pretty much instantly; if you missed out the first time, then get your cat-loving hands on this issue!

DC Superhero Girls

Okay, yes, I’m the weirdo that would read a comic for kids, but hear me out for a moment: it’s a series that features some of DC’s most famous female heroes to promote female empowerment. They even have toys based on this series. Personally, I think that’s pretty kick-ass. While I have some reservations on the plot (based entirely on the synopsis), I hope this series proves to be a confidence booster for every girl that has wanted to like comics, but was told she couldn’t. As long as the plot isn’t chintzy, I’m down completely.

So, who’s excited? 

Make sure you check out the complete list of the comics that will be offered on FCBD, and don’t forget to find a participating shop! Not only does Free Comic Book Day promote comics, it also supports a local business.

Which comics are you picking up this Saturday? Are there titles that you’re absolutely stoked about? Let’s nerd out in the comments below! And remember: sharing is caring! If you like this post, then spread the love!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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