We Have a Winner! 

Before I announce the winner of the giveaway, I would like to give some huge kudos to those who deserve it. First of all, big thanks to Jordandené! Jordan was kind enough to work with me to make this giveaway possible. If you haven’t checked out her website yet, then do it now. And, if […]

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Liebster Award: Round 2

A few days ago, alexcharming of Lord of the Trekkies nominated me for a Liebster Award! How nice is that? Thanks Alex! If you’re unfamiliar with this award, it’s a really cool honor that circulates around blogs. The premise of the Liebster Award is to promote, discover, and support fellow bloggers and all of their […]

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Con-nanigans: Anime Central 2016

What are con-nanigans?  It’s a compound of “convention” and “shenanigans,” and con-nanigans occur at—you guessed it—conventions. This past Saturday, I partook in a round of con-nanigans at Anime Central (or ACen). And boy, was it an experience! In my neck of the woods, there are three big conventions to attend: C2E2, Wizard World Chicago, and […]

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It’s Giveaway Time!

Hey there, Nerds! Well, here we are at 200 followers! Actually, if we’re going to look at the numbers, here’s how Nerd•ily breaks down: 218 Nerds on the blog 116 Nerds on Instagram 89 Nerds on Twitter 38 Nerds on Facebook Holy cats, you guys! This is incredible! Who knew that this little blog could […]

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6 on 6: May 

Sorry for the late arrival of this month’s 6 on 6! I had to work all day yesterday, and I barely got all of the pictures taken and edited. But, no matter! Today’s post will be a Saturday treat! If you don’t know what 6 on 6 is, then listen up! 6 on 6 is […]

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