Girl Power: Ladies Night at the Comic Shop


This past Wednesday, my friend and I attended the inaugural Ladies Night at our local comic book shop. Since it was the very first meeting, there wasn’t a real plan, but it was an awesome experience nonetheless.

When the manager of my local shop asked me if I would be interested in a Ladies Night, I jumped on the opportunity. I’m fairly new to the practice of buying my comics at a shop, and I’ve met very few women. I thought that this would not only be a great opportunity to get out of the house, but to meet fellow female nerds. As 7pm rolled around on the night of the first meeting, there were about 10 of us including my friend and I; as the night wore on, the number doubled. The coolest part was seeing the range of lady nerds there. Some were sci-fi junkies, others loved LOTR, and some were avid gamers. There was one common denominator, though: we all loved comics.

What was also impressive was the age range of the lady nerds. We met mothers and 7th graders that night, all ready to share their love of comic books. Being so new to the comic book scene, it was nice to meet such a diverse group of ladies who have various experiences in comics and new recommendations.

But, perhaps the most overwhelming impression of the night came from the experience as a whole. For the longest time, I was terrified to set foot into a comic book shop simply because I am a woman. I didn’t want to have a negative experience, and be shunned due to my gender. Luckily, my local shop is super accepting of everyone, so I had no hesitation to joining  in for a Ladies Night. If I had any sort of a negative stereotype about comic book shops, it was completely shattered that night. Everyone should have that kind of experience with their local comic shop, especially women. Before the night ended, we came up with a plan for the upcoming meetings, and they all sound so wonderful! Until then, I’ll be dying due to anticipation.

Do you have a local shop that you adore? What kind of activities do they put on? Let’s nerd out together in the comments below! And remember: sharing is caring. If you like this post, then spread the love!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Desiree says:

    I’m so happy your experience was a positive one. I have been wanting to venture into the comic world but have had my reservations. I have picked up a few comics I saw recommended. Every time I go to a shop it’s kinda empty and the staff aren’t rude, but aren’t jumping up to help either. So the few times I’ve just gone in and out. Hopefully I can find a place that has an event like this so I can make connections with other gals.


    1. mckelodeon says:

      Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday; maybe you can scope out a good shop then!


      1. Desiree says:

        Thanks! I went to one the year before last, and it was ok. Gonna see what other shops are around.

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