Nerd•ily’s Niceties of March

Welcome back to Nerd•ily’s Niceties with my favorites from March! March was such an eventful month that I had a hard time finding a place to start for this post. But hopefully that means that this post will be all the more entertaining! From comics to conventions, March was full of excitement. Maybe you’ll agree as […]

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Movie Swap with Blog Buddies

As some of you know, I belong to some wonderful blogging communities. One of those communities is the Geeks & Beauties group. The people are friendly, supportive, and high-spirited, and it’s all awesome! The admins hosts many group activities to participate in, including a movie and snack swap that was just too tempting to pass […]

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The Lowdown 

If you frequently read the posts around here, you’ve probably noticed how sparse my presence has been. This is not due to a lost in interest, or that the spirit of blogging is gone; things have just gotten a lot more complicated at the moment. I don’t like to bring in my personal turmoils into […]

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