Current Comic I Love: The Mighty Thor

Before I begin to gush, I would like to thank dePepi of for creating such a cute blogging prompt. dePepi has come up with a great way to brainstorm blog post ideas through the use of story cubes, which she will reveal weekly to help anyone riding dat blogging struggle bus.


This week’s prompt is magic and vikings!

Wait, what do I know of that involves magic and vikings?

Oh yeah, The Mighty Thor! Maybe it’s a stretch, but I don’t care. I love this idea, and I love the comic book series. Leave me be, bruh.

The current run of The Mighty Thor revolves around Dr. Jane Foster, who has taken up the gauntlet of serving as the goddess of thunder. But she’s having a rough time about it, what with a war between Dark Elves and Light Elves raging, the return of Loki, and the queen of Asgard imprisoned. You know, the usual stuff. On top of all this, Dr. Foster is struggling with the often-crippling side effects of chemotherapy, which are exacerbated each time she turns into Thor.

There are other issues plaguing Dr. Foster, but she perseveres because she serves a duty to Asgard and its people–even if they are against her alter-ego at times.

What I love about this series is how well the story is told. Each character seems to serve their appropriate purpose, the conflicts are well-balanced, and the timing makes the reader anticipate the next installment. Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Russell Dauterman, the continuing legend of Thor is brought to life in vivid beauty. I’m a sucker for a well-written comic series.

I also love how, despite the fact that Dr. Jane Foster is battling cancer, the creators have not made her a damsel in distress. Sure, the chemotherapy is taking a serious toll on her body, but she pushes through the physical pain to put herself in danger as Thor. Dr. Foster, to me, doesn’t seem to be performing this task in order to earn eternal glory, but to simply help the two worlds she knows the best.

Additionally, Jason Aaron has created a perfect inner monologue for the main character. It’s believable, brutally honest, and sometimes humorous. While I understand the importance of an inner monologue in comics, I think that it is sometimes over-used and often cheesy. With The Mighty Thor, I never get that impression.

Oh yeah, and vikings and magi and stuff. Of course!

Am I doing good on this prompt so far? Okay, maybe I should explain a little more.

The Mighty Thor is an interpretation of Norse mythology, which was central to the beliefs that vikings held. (See this connection? Flawless, right? Yeah, that’s how I got my English degree.) The vikings also held great value for its women, so I think they would be totally stoked that Dr. Foster has taken up Mjolnir. And, as far as magic goes, did I mention that war between Dark and Light Elves? Also, an appearance by Enchantress and Loki’s usual mischief-making ways can also fit into the magical category. And no, it’s not weird. It’s awesome.

Overall, The Mighty Thor is one of the many comic book series that got me hooked on the hobby. Not only does it have a strong female presence, but it is written exceptionally well. This series gives me life, and makes me want to speak in Old English.

If you’re interested in becoming hooked on a new comic series, I HIGHLY recommend The Mighty Thor. And, if you’re running into a problem with perpetual brain farts, why not try out dePepi’s new story cube series? You never know; could be fuuuuuun!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 


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  1. depepi says:

    Thank you for joining the Story Cubes Prompts ❤ I already added your link in the linkup at the end of the post 😀

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