February’s 6 on 6 

Around the Female Geek Blogger community, I’ve seen these particular posts labeled “6 on 6.” Finally, I asked Ashlee of Her Geekery what the deal was, and she informed me of this fun series. The premise of a 6 on 6 post is to post six themed pictures on the sixth of each month. Since I don’t post on weekends, this post will technically be a 6 on 5 post. But, let’s not get technical. Let’s just have fun!

This month’s theme is “black.”

One of my favorite movies of all time is Jurassic Park. As a kid, I aspired to be a paleontologist, and this movie was a dream come true. This poster was made by the artist duo Ninjabot, and my friend Amanda picked it up for me from San Diego Comic Con the same year they had the Jurassic World celebration. I love the Art Deco style of the poster, and how the fossilized mosquito is represented in they eye of the raptor.

I LOVE antiques. For the longest time, I wanted an old typewriter. Last year, I finally got one for Christmas. And let me tell you what, this thing is a beaut. The best part about this artifact is that all the moving parts still work, which is incredible for a piece this old.

Now for something new! I got this awesome Polaroid Zip instant printer for Christmas this year. Polaroid cameras, back in the day, we’re so cool. Having this around allows me to have more pictures up in my room. It’s small, so the pictures it prints are only 2×3, but they turn out cute!

This collection of Jenny Parks Star Trek buttons also came from SDCC the same time I got my poster. Jenny Parks is one of my favorite fandom artists, mainly because she uses cats. I mean, look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM. My personal favorite is Scottish Fold Scotty.

I got these loafers at Target for $7.50. $7.50!!! I love feminized menswear, so I couldn’t resist. They are a nice, shiny faux leather, and they look sharp as hell. Though I don’t get many chances to wear them, I do like throwing them on to make myself feel a little more classy.

About two years ago, I studied abroad in England. The trip was a dream come true, so I keep pictures around to remind myself of how awesome that time was. Some of my favorite pictures were placed into frames, and they have a spot of honor in my room. I love these elegant black frames because they display various pictures so well. You can’t tell from the photo, but the frame has certain spots where it “pushes” some pictures further back, and others are closer to the glass. This effect gives the pictures some depth. They’re dynamic editions to the room to say the least.

I loved this first 6 on 6! It was so much fun! If you would like to try this out, next month’s theme is pink. Remember: it’s six pictures shared on the sixth day in the month. Now, go forth, and start snapping!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 


17 thoughts on “February’s 6 on 6 

  1. Yay, so glad you joined in! Those Star Trek pins….oh my gosh. And that typewriter! So gorgeous, I’ve always wanted an antique typewriter and that picture totally makes me want to find one<3

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  2. Amei as fotos, confesso sou amante da fotografia! Querida me explica como funciona o desafio 6 on 6?! Fiquei muito interessda, amo desafios de blog e fotograficos. Participo de vários no blog e em meu instagram!
    Amei o seu blog, visitarei sempre! ❤
    Abraços brasileiros!

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