Nerding Out: Already Preparing for C2E2

As some of you Nerds may know, my go-to convention is C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). I adore C2E2; my friends and I lovingly refer to it as “Nerd Prom.” This year, we will be celebrating our fourth year in attendance, and I could not be MORE FREAKING EXCITED.

Pardon my outburst. I am quite tickled by the event.

This year, convention planners decided to host this con in March. In Chicago. In March. For anyone who has ever lived in the Midwest, March is still dead-ass winter for us. Traveling to the convention hall should be rather interesting, considering parkas don’t really go with cosplay. Anyway, I digress.

Since C2E2 is rather local for me, it is pretty much the only convention I go to each year. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to expand and explore new cons, but it’s rather difficult when money is tight. Due to this hurdle, I willingly attend C2E2. Because the convention is being held a month earlier, I have been taking some free time to begin preparations.

Originally, I wanted to finally–and fully–make my own cosplay. But, because I have yet to master the treacherous device known as a sewing machine, I have not gotten the ball rolling. “Oh well,” I told myself. “Maybe next year, then.” I began to weigh my options: half-ass a cosplay, or just wear a cool piece of nerd gear. For months, I was thinking that I would settle for the latter option, but then I was struck by an idea:


For those who know, last year I cosplayed as a female Two-Face, chronicling the whole ordeal…I mean, process…here on the blog. (If you read these post, you would know how much of an ordeal it really was.) I enjoyed my finished cosplay so much that I thought about doing it again. Though I will wait until February to reveal which character I have chosen to portray, I can promise that it will be rather entertaining.

In order to prepare, I have been searching the internet like crazy for hacks and information that might be useful. Because money is tight, I have to MacGyver the shit out of a few things, like make-up and props. I also have to purchase some items, like the base of my costume. Then, I will add on to it.  No matter what I am, I try to create at least one component of my cosplay. By doing so, I hope to learn new skills that might help me out for when I fully make my cosplays. This is where those hacks will come into play, because I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of crap. Also, I have been looking into  options for prescription character contact lenses, because why not?

In general, I don’t want to have to spend too much money if I can help it. However, one of the best things about C2E2 is that it encourages self-expression. That’s what makes the con so much fun. So, cosplaying here is definitely worth the effort.

Until then, I will be waiting calmly for March to arrive.


59 days, Nerds!

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  1. I think this year might be first time I make it to C2E2!!! The March date means that it’s not during my busy time at work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Awesome!! It’s so much fun!


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