I know, two comic book related posts in one week! It’s awesome.

To be honest, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to write for Wednesday posts. I’m busy with my job on this day. I become so flustered that I forget to type up a draft the night before. Adulthood, man.

But, for today, I decided to try out something new. Wednesdays for comic book nerds mean only one thing: #newcomicbookday. Each week, I share a picture of my comic book haul on Instagram. I always love discovering new titles, and sharing with other fans. So, for this week, I’d like to do that with you all! If you’ve just come home with your latest haul, please share on social media! Tag @nerdilyblog in your post on either Twitter or Instagram, and we can have a conversation!

I’m not sure how many of you are into comics, but hopefully this will be another great introduction to the hobby. Even if you don’t have comics of your own, you can still join the conversation! I’ll be awaiting your posts 🙂

ALSO! If you would like to help a sister out, please take a few minutes to complete this comic book survey. Your responses are valuable!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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