Nerd•ily’s Niceties of 2015

With the site’s anniversary fast approaching, I thought I would take a look back at what we’ve accomplished here on Nerd•ily. From DIYs, to long reads, to reviews, there was a lot to sift through. But, there are a few gems in the large pile I’ve collected over one year of blogging. Below, you’ll find my favorite post from each month of my first year writing on a blog. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I did!

January–Reboot: The Pros and Cons of a Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Movie” 


For those of you who haven’t been around since the beginning, you’ll be interested to hear that Nerd•ily actually began as a term-long project in one of my college classes. Each week, we had prompts that we needed to fulfill in our blog posts. I can’t remember what the prompt was for this particular week, but I remember hearing a rumor about a live-action Ghost in the Shell movie.

Being a huge anime geek at one point in my life, I was–needless to say–acquainted with Ghost in the Shell. This particular anime was one of my favorites to watch on [adult swim]. I believe at the time, I thought: “Hey, I’m a blogger now! I should blog about my opinion of a live-action movie!”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that hokey, but you get the gist.

What started off as a blogging experiment turned into a decent post. And by experiment, I mean quite literally that it was an experiment. This was the first post to feature pictures embedded within the text.

Nowadays, I consider this particular piece to be my all-time favorite. Why? I’m not sure myself. I think I like it so much because I put a great deal of effort into writing it; I made sure my grammar was acceptable, the pictures were even, and that it was readable. Call it sentimentality, I guess.

February–Reconfigure: Changing the Way the World Sees Geeks and Fandoms” 


In my opinion, I believe that being geeks and nerds is a positive thing. Being part of a fandom means being a part of a community; we should support, discuss, and have fun.

Unfortunately, there are stigmas that surround us, just as any social group. While some are good, others are damaging. If you couldn’t tell, I have some strong feelings on the subject.

I decided that I wanted to change the world with this post, so I poured my heart out on issues within and outside of our nerd community. I figured that spreading positivity would be the best approach to the issue.

March–Get Cosplay Ready with Eyeshadow & Water” 


Okay, I’m not going to lie, I am exceptionally proud of this make-up design I did. Additionally, I am even more proud of myself for figuring out iMovie to make the video tutorial. This post was one of the last required post I had to make for my class. Our assignment was to make a video that wasn’t a vlog. I thought, “Welp, what am I supposed to do?”

Then I thought, “Make-up tutorial? Make-up tutorial.”

Since I have sensitive skin, though, I couldn’t use grease paint or theatrical grade make-up. I also couldn’t afford to buy such items. What I did have was a shit-ton of eyeshadow in a myriad of colors, make-up sponges, eyeliner, and water. Voila!

After experimenting one night with what look I wanted to showcase, I decided on Two-Face. I thought it was different. I think my class thought the same. Luckily, they liked what I did.

Actually, right after I did this video, I decided to go as a female Two-Face to C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. You’ll see the outcome below.

April–The $50 Cosplay Challenge Results” 


When the class was done, I decided to continue with the blog. April is usually a fun month for me, as C2E2 is usually held during this time. My cosplay took me many weeks to finish; I hand-painted a shirt, bleached a suit, and dyed shoes. My goal was to create this cosplay for $50 or under. Ultimately, it cost a little bit more than that. But hey, I curated a cosplay for $66. Not too bad, I think.

May–How Fandoms Help: A Thank You Post” 


As I was going though all of my past blog posts, I discovered that May was a sparse month. Then I remembered how awful this month was for me. I was having an extremely difficult time in my last term of college, and my cat died. I had nearly forgotten how sad I was this month. While trying to pick my favorite post for this particular section, I had a hard time finding one that was positive. This was the only one.

At my lowest, I turned to the fandoms that I loved. They provided me with an escape–a shred of happiness–even if it was just for a few minutes. In an effort to show my gratitude, I wrote this post. Do I think any of my favorite fandoms will see this? Probably not. But at least the thought is there.

June–How College Became my Hogwarts” 


Though my last term of college was exceedingly rough, I was sad to see this chapter end. Actually, I don’t miss college as much as I miss the people–like my friends, the professors, and amazing staff members. College gave me PTSD, I think, so I was glad to be rid of the academic responsibilities.

But college also helped me learn a lot about myself, just as Harry Potter did at Hogwarts. Now, granted, college wasn’t nearly as cool as Hogwarts, but it was just as profound. When my time there was done, I reflected on what my experience meant to me as if it I did attend Hogwarts. Somewhat humorous, somewhat heartfelt, somewhat entertaining, I hope I captured the college experience in the nerdiest way possible.

July–Welcome to Nerd•ily! The New Nerdy by Nature” 


July was an exciting month for the site. We went through a name change and moved to a new address all in one month! Needless to say, deciding which post is my favorite was a hard task. In the end, though, I decided that the first post of Nerdily* needed some love.

Real talk: I am so happy that I changed the name of the site. When the name changed, the outlook of the site changed. I felt like I could do whatever I wanted with this blog with no regrets. That’s what blogging is all about, isn’t it?

August–Back-to-School Ready with Nerd•ily” 


In my second attempt at a video tutorial, I thought I would corner the back-to-school market. After finding backpacks for $4 at Walmart, I decided that cute, hand-painted school bags would be a great idea. As is the case with most of my tutorials, I just winged it.

But, which design do I choose to create? A Captain Marvel-inspired one, or a Harry Potter one? Well, both, of course.

One design would be featured in the video, and the other would be the star of the picture tutorial. Perfect! Now, what to do with the extra backpack?

Well, I didn’t need two backpacks hanging around, so I kept the Captain Marvel one, and sent the other to a young Potterhead who would appreciate it. Win-win for everyone involved!

September–The Night My Friend Watched ‘The Reichenbach Fall’” 


There are precious moments in life, such as taking your first step, learning to read, and watching Sherlock. One night, back in September, my Welsh friend, Josh, experienced that latter precious moment.

Namely, he watched the last episode of Sherlock season 2.

Also, he messaged me as he watched it.

Also, I took screenshots of our conversation.

Needless to say, it was one of the most entertaining interactions I’ve ever had.

October–NERDIWEEN Week 4: It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!” 


It’s no secret that my favorite holiday is Halloween. This past October, I decided that I would hold a month-long celebration of this awesome occasion. During the time of my NERDIWEEN event, my family and I took a trip to Boston. This resulted, obviously, in a day trip to Salem.

Now, I rarely get attached to places; since my family moved around a lot when I was a kid, I’ve learned to cut ties with locations. Sounds harsh, I know, but it’s true. There have only been two places in my life that have had a profound effect on me: England and Salem, MA.

I thought it only natural to relate my recent experience with the New England town during the Halloween season because it helped keep that holiday magic alive. I love Halloween, but in recent years, it’s been kind of a drag. But having that spark of Halloween cheer made me remember why I love that season so much.

November–Alibi Mad Libs” 


November saw the premiere of The Beginner’s Guide to Comicbooking, an ongoing series that I absolutely adore. But, November also gave us one of my funnier posts, which I HAD to share again. I give you: Alibi Mad Libs.

We’ve all been at family gatherings that turned out to be much more awkward than anticipated. One of our aunts asks us about our love life in an effort to seem “cool.” We’re told about the attractive doctor that lives down the street from her. And then our career choice is scrutinized. So, how do you avoid the embarrassment?

Easy, make up excuses.

To make light of an uncomfortable situation, I hearkened back to my Mad Lib-filled childhood, and took it from there. Needless to say, this is one of my more fun posts, and I had a blast writing it.

December– Deck the Halls with This DIY Wreath” 


As much as I enjoyed my ugly Christmas cat sweater, this craft just turned out so well that I was surprised with myself. Seriously, I was shocked at how well it turned out. Like, this is how every craft should end up. Could I have really done such a good job in a short amount of time? I must have mucked something up.

No? I didn’t? Well then.

Truthfully, I was rather shocked that I had done a decent job on a craft I’ve never made before. And I love the results. Immediately after I glued the bow onto this wreath, I hung it up on my bedroom door. In a way, I figured I had to display it to know for sure that what I created was actually a good product. It was. Not only did the craft take me two hours to complete–a relatively short time for a project like this–but it only cost me $4 to make. Yeah. Needless to say, I am rather fond of this tutorial.


Overall, I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished in 2015. The year proved to be a challenging time, but also a rewarding time for the site. So, here’s to an even better year for Nerd•ily, and for us all!

Do you have a favorite post from Nerd•ily? How about your own blog? Write in the comments below!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 



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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming blogaversary! Wonderful site and I can’t wait to see more! Wishing you all the best in 2016! -Joanna

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    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you! And thanks for visiting and following! Right back at you!

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  2. nmiller00 says:

    December was my favorite month. I did a lot of crafts from your posts with my kiddos!

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    1. mckelodeon says:

      Yaaaay!!! 😀 that makes me so happy! I would love to see pictures!


  3. That make-up. That bagpack. That Mad Libs!!! You really had some amazing posts here in 2015, can’t see to read all the new ones this year 🙂

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    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thank you!! I am excited as well!


  4. depepi says:

    Awesome!! Congrats for your upcoming blogaversary!!! 😀 😀 You must beeeee over-the-roof!! 😉

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    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thanks!! Very much so!! 😀

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      1. depepi says:

        😀 😀 😀

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