Happy Nerd Year, 2016!

Hey there, Nerds! Welcome to the New Year! 

So, I have a confession to make: I wanted to do something special for the Sherlock premiere tonight. Unfortunately, time kind of escaped me this week. I got busy with the holiday hullabaloo, and I picked up some extra shifts at work. I need the money. Student loans are kicking in this month, yadda yadda yadda. 

BUT! I will do something special at some point, considering we are blessed with a new Sherlock episode every 47 years. This will hopefully come next week. 

For now, let’s celebrate the new year! If you follow Nerd•ily’s Instagram account, you probably would have seen this image recently: 


I jumped on #2015BestNine bandwagon, because 2015 was a great year for the site! We’ve gone through name changes, DIYs, and fantastic milestones.  I’ve made some great connections with talented blogger’s and artists, I learned a great deal about running and customizing a website, and I have broadened my horizons in multiple ways. 
But I couldn’t have done it without you lovely Nerds. 

I’ll get more into this when the one year blogiversary comes up later this month. Until then, I wish you a Happy Nerd Year, and thank you for following the fandom! 

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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