The Martian: The Reason Why I’ll Never be an Astronaut

Don’t let the title fool you: The Martian is an excellent movie. It did scare the hell out of me, though. Not as much as Gravity–which made me an anxious wreck in the movie theater–but close. I wonder what the elevator pitch for this film was? “Castaway in space”?

All joking aside, The Martian was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. The film adaptation begins with the crew of the Ares IV aborting a mission on Mars after a severe storm hits their research facility. As the crew make their way to the ship, astronaut Mark Watney is struck by debris, and the crew is forced to leave him behind. Everyone, including NASA, believe him to be dead. However, Watney survives, and faces an excruciating obstacle: how to survive on a lifeless planet. Luckily, Watney is a botanist, and I guess a wizard, because he begins to MacGyver the shit out of the Mars base. I won’t say anymore to prevent spoilers; you just have to go see it for yourself.

This is not entirely my favorite genre, but I was in awe of how the story was masterfully crafted. I went to go see it as a birthday treat for my dad, thinking that I would not like it. I was so wrong. Even if you don’t like science fiction, you’ll love this movie.

Each character is likable. Even Jeff Daniels’s character, who is kind of a douche. Though Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is technically the star of the show, every other person involved is crucial. That’s a trait I rarely see in a film. The story never wanes, and all of its bases are covered by the end. And the movie proves to be supremely engaging; from the moment the movie began to the time the credits rolled, I was totally invested.

And the best part about it? The Martian is sooooo smart. I can’t tell if the science and math that was discussed in the film were accurate, but boy, did they play it off well. When sci-fi movies make me believe that anything is possible, and can back up the rationale, I’m sold. What I’m trying to say is that this movie is an all-around success. Go see it. Tell them mckelodeon from Nerd∙ily sent you. Actually, don’t. They’ll likely give you a dirty look. But still, go see it.

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Mandy says:

    Totally agree—I loved this film. And I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was in high school, but I realized after seeing this movie (and, to be honest, when I switched majors to English and Journalism) that I wasn’t really cut out for that profession.

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    1. mckelodeon says:


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