Best of the Best of the Best, SIR!! Veteran’s Day Special

Today is Veteran’s Day, and the military’s presence is such a prominent part of many fandoms. Some of the coolest characters out there are part of the military, or have some sort of involvement with the armed forces. To celebrate Veterans Day, and to pay homage to those who serve, here is a list of some of my favorite nerdy movies related to the military!

Captain America: The First Avenger 


Of course Captain America has to be on this list! Not only is he a super soldier, but he’s an exemplary one, too. Willing to put himself in the line of danger to save others, Cap is brave and heroic, never leaving a man behind. Maybe they should change his tag line to “The Superb Soldier.”

Independence Day 


Yeah, so it might technically be a movie meant for a different annual occasion, but I think we can make an exception. Though it was David (Jeff Goldblum’s character) who cracked the code to save the world, the plan would not have come to fruition had it not been for the United States military. ‘M E R I C A.



Though this film is not nerdy per se, it is a cult classic. Plus, Bill Murray is and always will be his own fandom, in a way. This comedy shows how even the goofballs can become the most admirable soldiers.

Return of the King 


Two words: battle scene. This movie’s epic war, known as the Battle of the Black Gate, shows the power of a well-organized military force. And can I just say that there is a ghost army? A GHOST ARMY. Also, the whole film series portrays epic armies and militaristic strategies. Even though the film does not revolve around these themes, they do play a vital role to the story.

Star Wars 


The military force is strong with this one. What? Thought I used all my bad jokes on the last post? Well, you’d be wrong. But yes, these movies depict the great armies of The Rebellion and the Imperial Army in battle; the classic struggle of good vs. evil. If The Rebellion had not been present, the story would not have progressed. 

There’s no good way to properly thank our servicemen, but hopefully this homage has at least put a smile on your face! Make sure you thank a veteran for all they have done, today and every day.

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

Captain America, Independence Day, Stripes, Return of the King, Battle of Hoth

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  1. nmiller00 says:

    Fantastic List!

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