Face Off Digest: Ep. 14–Movie Magic Parts 1 & 2

Here we are: at the end of all things. This season has just flown by, and I can’t wait for the new one to premier. What a crazy ride it has been!

In Part 1 of “Movie Magic,” each artist was given a script and a storyboard created by director and Face Off, Patrick Tatopolis. Nora, Evan, and Ben received their own team made up of season 9 alumni, and got to work. In three days, they created two characters that pertained to their given plot lines. The Teams were broken down into: 

Team Nora (with help from Jasmine and Meg)—”The Prey”

Team Ben (with help from Scott and Jordan)—”Resurrection” 

Team Evan (with help from Stevie and Kevon)—”Quarantine Zone”

The teams were given three days and an hour in last looks before their two characters would be put on display for a screen test. Nora knocked hers out of the park, Ben got very little criticism, but Evan’s creature head piece was too loose. 

After the screen tests, the artists were told that, not only would they receive more time to fix up their looks, but also another character to create. 

In Part 2 of “Movie Magic,” the three teams got busy; Ben, Nora, and Evan were given an extra set of hands, as Libby, Ricky, and Jason joined the crew to help. The teams were given two extra days, and a few hours in last looks to complete one more character. 

Team Nora was first to film. With the judges looking on from a separate location, the team had a smooth time filming, and Nora left feeling exceptionally confident. 

Team Ben was next, and they had some difficulties. The added third character had to be beautiful, and her face mold was not cooperating. Ben and Jason had a hard time trying to fix the damage done in molding, but ultimately had to put it in front of the camera. 

Team Evan produced my favorite short film. Their day of shooting ended smoothly, and Evan was praised for how attentive he was to the actors’ make-up. 

But there could be only one winner…

And the Season 9 Winner is: 


Congrats, Nora! Great job! And great job to all of the Face Off artists from this season. See you in January! 

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