Face Off Digest: Ep. 12–Death Becomes Them

I was about to retire this series for the rest of the season, until I began watching this episode. Since there was a double elimination–yes, a DOUBLE ELIMINATION–I figured I should at least cover the last two episodes. 

Man, has this season given anyone else whiplash, or what?

This week’s episode was so up my alley, it gets its packages delivered to it. The artists were tasked with creating a macabra family, a la The Addams Family or The Munsters. So, creepy and quirky? Yes. Sign me up!

Right from the get-go, I loved Nora’s Black Sheep Cousin concept. I thought it was super cute and whimsical. I also liked Scott’s homage to his own dad with the Stern Father concept he created. But, ever since the double elimination announcement at the beginning of the episode, I had been so worried. Who’s going to be sent home? I love the people in the Top 5. I don’t want to see any of them go!

With that being said, I think the Final 3 should be Nora, Scott, And Ben. No…Scott, Ben, and Evan. No, no, no…Nora, Evan, and Jordan. Ugh, how am I supposed to choose?? It’s like picking your favorite kid, or cereal. 

You could really tell that the stakes were so high in this episode, though. When the judges are super critical about every final look, you know they mean business. But, overall, they had nothing but nice things to say about each look, and gave good constructive criticism.  Still, in the back of my mind, I was so nervous about the fate of each artist. each commercial break brought us closer to the moment of truth.

Then McKenzie Westmore dropped a huge bomb: the bottom three were given an extra hour to make the improvements suggested by the judges. THEY GOT A REDEMPTION. 

Oh my god, what? Now I was totally thrown. And my heartburn returned. 

And the Finalists Are: 



-And, after his redemption, Evan

Who Went Home 

-Scott and Jordan. I am so sad that Scott got sent home. He produced some amazing pieces, and remained one of my favorites throughout the season.  

Episode Favorites 

-Nora’s Black Sheep Cousin

-Scott’s Stern Father

mckelodeon’s Predictions 

Honestly, I think Ben could win the whole kit and caboodle. His work throughout the season has been so strong, and he’s obviously a favorite of the judges. If it isn’t him, then I think Nora will win. This isn’t to say that I think Evan doesn’t have a shot, since he is a great artist, but he has had a hard time this season. Which is why I am thrilled for him that he made it to the Final 3. But hey, who knows? The season finale is always such an unpredictable beast, it’s hard to tell who will be the champion. All I can say is I am nearly peeing my pants in anticipation for next week’s episode. 

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