NERDIWEEN Week 2: Being Normal is Vastly Overrated

If you thought Week 1 of NERDIWEEN was fun, then you’re going to love Week 2!

This week, we’re celebrating one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies: yes, you guessed it, Halloweentown!

Like most Millenials who grew up during the mid-2000s, Halloweentown 1-4 was a pretty big deal. Every new movie released added a new–and exciting–chapter to the saga of Marnie and Aggie. One of the things I loved about Halloweentown was its long-running theme that “being normal is vastly overrated.” Another thing I loved about the movie series was how it made Halloween much more than just a holiday.

If you recall from the films, the costumes worn by the citizens of Halloweentown were their everyday dress. The humans later adopted their ensembles to wear annually on Halloween. So, of course I wanted to dedicate a week to the fine craft of Halloween costumes, just as the citizens of HT would have done with their own outfits.

To honor this fine tradition of dressing up, we’ll be covering all things costume-related this week on Nerd•ily.

First thing’s first: make-up.

If you want to look stellar on Halloween night, you’re going to need more than a just costume. Here are some easy-to-master looks inspired by some of Halloweentown’s finest citizens:

Look #1: Enchanting Witch 

 -For this simple look, you’ll need an eyeshadow palatte with lavender, deep purple, silver, and black (Rimmel has one that’s perfect for this look). Also, make sure you grab your black eyeliner–preferrably gel eyeliner–mascara, and two lipstick shades: one pink, one magenta. For an added effect, pick up a white eyeliner pencil. You’ll see why in a moment.

Step 1: Prime your face with your favorite foundation. This will smooth out any red spots, and give you a clean slate to work with as you create this look.

Step 2: Using a fan brush, highlight your cheekbones with the lavender shadow.

 Step 3: Dip the tip of your finger into the deep purple shadow, and line under your cheekbone with it. Blend upwards.

Step 4: Add an interesting design with gel eyeliner. I made two wing-tips for my design.

 Step 5: Next, add the lavender shadow to your brow bones and to the inner corners of your eyes. Then, add the deep purple to your eyelids. Finish off the eyes by pressing the black shadow into the creases and on the corners  to create a smokey eye effect.

Step 6: Taking an eyeshadow brush, dip it into the silver shadow, and draw a line from wingtip and out. Repeat on the other side.

 Step 7: For the lips, create an ombre effect by filling in the inside of your lips with a lighter lipstick–like a pink–and then lining them with a magenta or purple lipstick. Blot the two together so that the colors blend at the edges.

Step 8: Fill in your eyebrows with a genreous layer of white eyeliner. When your brows are completely covered, pat in the deep purple shadow. This gives your look an awesome effect.

You’re Done! 

 And look very bewitching!

Look #2: Werewolf

 -For this look, go with browns, bronzers, and burnished metal lipsticks. An eyeshadow palatte with shimmering neutrals will work the best. Also, yes, I was serious when I said “bronzers.” Grab a luminescent gold, and also a highlighting powder. If you can’t find a highlighting powder, just use a pearly eyeshadow. And, just like the last look, have your favorite foundation handy, some mascara, and black and white eyeliner.

Step 1: Apply the foundation to your face.

Step 2: Taking a large powder brush, or a bronzer brush, sweep on the bronzer from the top of your cheekbone and upwards in a cresent position. Make sure the powder is dark enough on your skin, but don’t apply too much, otherwise it will look like dirty spots. Repeat on the other side of your face.

 Step 3: With a clean brush, pat on highlighting powder onto your forehead, nose bridge, chin, and on your cheeks.

Step 4: Next, take the lightest shade in your eyeshadow palatte and apply the color onto the brow bone and the inner corner of your eye. Follow this up with the next color, like a light brown or bronzy brown. Finally, create a smokey eye by adding a dark brown into the outer corners, and into the creases.

Step 5: Add a thick bronze stripe starting from the outer corner of your eye, working your way across the side of your face. Round it out under your eye.

 Step 6: Take your black eyeliner and outline the shape of your eye on the top lid and the bottom. No wingtip required. Smudge the eyeliner on your bottom lid. To seal this line, stipple some dark brown or black eyeshadow. Add mascara to finish off the eyes.

Step 7: Draw on your bottom lip the shapes of two sharp canine teeth with a white eyeliner pencil. Fill in.

 Step 8: Fill in your lips with a bronze lipstick.

Step 9: Taking your black eyeliner, outline the “teeth” so that they stand out.

 Step 10: With the white eyeliner, add some “hair” around the light points of your face, like the cheeks and forehead.

You’re Done! 

 You’re ready to howl at the moon!

Look #3: Frankenstein’s Creation 

 -For this look, I called back to my Two-Face Make-up tutorial. You’ll need your foundation, yes, but you’ll also need a clean make-up sponge and a glass of water. Also, you’ll need a kelly green eyeshadow, a light blue eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, black and white eyeliner pencils, and two different lipsticks.

Step 1: Outline three sections on your face. This will be your “patchwork” areas.

Step 2: Dip a clean make-up sponge into water, and smooth over the green eyeshadow. This will create a light paste. Apply this toone section on your face. Repeat this step for the light blue eyeshadow.

 Step 3: Add seams and stitches over the section borders with the black eyeliner pencil. Line a portion of your lips as well, and add some details to your eyes.

Step 4: Add a touch of shading to the stitches using the black shadow. Also, line your cheekbone on the green side with the black shadow. Blend the line.

 Step 5: Fill in your lips with two different lipstick shades: one color on one side, the second color on the other side. Pencil in a thick eyebrow on the green side.

You’re Done! 

 So simple, you can’t even tell you’re three people in one.

If yu want your eyeshadow colors to appear more vibrant, and last past the Witching Hour, then I suggest picking up some eyeshadow primer. Also, feel free to use face paint or theatrical make-up to complete these looks. Eyeshadow is much more gentle on my skin, and it was handy, so I decided to use that. But, as awlays, have fun!

To compliment your fresh make-up looks, you’ll want to have a fang-tastic costume. Tune back in on Friday for party-ready outfits straight from your closet. Also, get ready for a Halloweentown 1-4 tweet-a-thon this weekend (date TBA)! Yes, I have all four movie. What about it?

In the meantime, experiment with the looks, and show me what you come up with on Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook! Just make sure you use #nerdiween!

Life was meant to be lived nerdily, so what are you waiting for? 

Halloween Background in Featured Image can be found here.

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