Face Off Digest: Ep. 10–Freak Show

What a twisty turn of events this episode took! 

It started off innocently enough, with a tribal art-themed Foundation Challenge, and then a transition into a freak show Spotlight Challenge. The artists had to create looks that morphed reality with the macabre in order to bring circus oddities to life. Such sideshow acts included Lobster Larry, Twisted Tom, and Inside-out Oscar. 

Of course, Nora doubted her original concept, and had to start over. I’m not saying this to patronize her, but it’s so bizarre that she gets self-conscious, because she’s an amazing artist. Once she thought through her concept, she cranked out a design she was happy with: Larry the Mobster Lobster. 
Evan had a hard time this week with his Moon Girl concept. His idea was solid, but  I think his execution lacked the drive it needed, especially at this stage of the competition. When his final look walked out onto the Reveal Stage, I had a feeling that he would be in the Bottom Looks. 

And the winner is: 

Ben! His amazing Peacock MC  sstole the freak show, winning the hearts of the judges. 

Who went home: 

Meg. I was so sad to see her go, because she’s been one of my favorites. She was the artist I predicted would be a dark horse winner in the first Face Off Digest. I think her drive and spirit are wonderful, and I hope she gets far in her field. #StillTeamMeg

Episode Favorites: 

-Ben’s Peacock MC

-Nora’s Mobster Lobster

mckelodeon’s Predictions 

I’m going to call it: the next artist to be eliminated may be Evan or Jordan. Evan, though he did win last week, has been floundering terribly. And Jordan has been riding that knife’s edge of safe and sayoonara, so I think that his time is limited. 

Also, I believe that the final three may come down to Scott, Nora, and Ben. They have been the strongest artists, and have bounced back the best from flubs. Scott even took Glenn’s advice in this week’s episode, so that means he’s actively improving and refining his talents. Ben as well. Since his fall to the Bottom Looks, he seemed determined to redeem himself. This week, he definitely did. Even the judges recognized that his concept, execution, and overall design was the best he has presented so far. If Ben goes home, I will be flabbergasted. 

(Sorry for such a short Digest. I’ve been busy packing for a trip, but I didn’t want to get behind!)   

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