Geek Girl Brunch: The Best Way to Spend a Sunday

This past Sunday, my friends Amanda, Amanda (yes, two of them), Dora, and I went to our first Geek Girl Brunch in Chicago. I first heard about Geek Girl Brunch from Geek Chic, and got curious. So, I checked out their website, and freaked out. How could I have not known about this before??


Geek Girl Brunch is an organization that helps bring nerdy girlies together for a day filled with food, drinks, and conversation about various fandoms. The organization is internationally known, and has chapters all over the world, including locations like Copenhagen and Glasgow. Each brunch has its own unique theme to make the experience extra fun. The one I went to on Sunday was Sailor Moon themed, which was absolutely perfect.

Basically, the day was absolutely perfect.

At the top: the officers of the Chicago chapter. Bottom left: my big head. Bottom right: grab bag swag.

When we all sat down (there were around 15 of us), we were presented with our grab bags, which included adorable Artemis & Luna keychains, stickers, Pocky, a Tuxedo Mask or Sailor V mask, and a Sailor Scout hair clip (mine was Sailor Moon colors). We all equipped our hair clips, and the brunch commenced.

We talked, we mingled, and we had fun. I had the pleasure of meeting Yasmin, who runs the food blog Geek Grubs. I had seen her work before, and was completely shocked when I found out that she was sitting right next to me!

I also won the raffle!

The Chicago chapter was giving away a gift card to Nakama Toys, a Japanese toy shop that was a block away from the restaurant. Normally, I wouldn’t buy myself anything, but I figured I should at least take a look around…

So, I wound up leaving with a Sailor Moon surprise chibi figurine, a two-pack of Sailor Moon posters, and a Super Mario Bros. headphones Piranha Plant plug. Oh yeah, and a little Nakama Toys button to represent.

In conclusion, if I were still in school and had to write a report detailing what I did over summer vacation, this would be in my top 3 events. So much fun, guys. Seriously. I met amazing people, ate yummy food, and left with super cute swag. What could be better?

If you’re totally hooked, I’d recommend joining. There might be a chapter near you! Check out their website for details! Also check out Geek Grubs, and bask in all of the adorable edibles she makes.

Image Credits: Sailor Moon Gif, Picture of me c/o Geek Girl Chicago Facebook Page

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