Face Off Digest: Ep. 9–Judgement Day

Woah. I can’t believe that we’re already down to eight artists. EIGHT! That’s insane!

You know what else is insane? This week’s Spotlight Challenge. I like how the challenges are finally unique and out-of-the box, because for a while, they all seemed the same. This week’s challenge, however, was truly awesome.

The artists had to create their own rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each artist chose one of the Horsemen, and split off into two groups of four. Though this was an individual challenge, as a group, they had to have some sort of cohesion in order to represent the group of Horsemen as a whole. In the first group, made up of Scott, Stevie, Meg, and Jordan, they decide to unify their Horsemen with pocket watches. This piece represented how timeless these figures are. In the second group, which had Ben, Evan, Kevon, and Nora, they come up with a collar idea, and to have Death walk out the rest of the Horsemen. 

Nora, yet again, was not confident with her sculpt. But Evan calmed her down, reassuring her that her sculpt was looking good. That’s what I love about this show: everyone is willing to help each other out, even if it means sacrificing their own time. Seriously, why hasn’t this show won any awards?? 

This was also the first episode where I saw Ben show true uncertanty with his look. Before this, he never seemed ssso worried. This was truly troubling. Ben’s fears were soon realized when he landed in the Bottom Looks. 

Funny enough, all the artists in the Top and Bottom Looks all came from the second Horseman group. But, I’ve got to say, this part of the episode was so nerve-wracking. I like Ben as an artist; I think he has some amazing ideas, and his execution is flawless, so to see him flounder was really distressing. I also like Kevon. I may not entirely like some of the looks he’s created, but he has done some beautiful paint work. He’s very endearing, I think. 

And the Winner is: 

Evan! He produced one of my favorite looks  for this week, and he pushed through all of his prior insecurities to rise and shine for this challenge. Great job!

Who Went Home:

Kevon. I hate to say it, but he bit off more than he could chew, and his concept was lost to the judges. It was sad to see him go. Stay gold, Pony Boy. 

Episode Favorites: 

-Evan’s Death Horseman

-Scott’s Death Horseman

mckelodeon’s Predictions: 

Now we’re down to seven. Holy cow. 

I think that if Nora continues to doubt herself, then it might come back and bite her in the end. She’s been self-conscious for the past few episodes, and has had a hard time conceptualizing characters. Nora is a great artist, so she shouldn’t worry! But if she’s not careful, then she might clam up too much one week and get the boot prematurely. 

Same goes for Ben. He struggled a bit with the Star Trek challenge, and now he’s having even more trouble. This is one stage in the competition where an artist can’t be too self-conscious, because it never ends up good. 

And, I hope that Evan’s Top Looks streak continues. Up until now, I think he’s had a difficult time developing his characters for Final Looks, but now he’s finally found a good place. Keep it up, Evan! 

So far, I think that Scott, Nora, Ben (if he sticks around), and Evan could make it to the final four. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that next week’s episode will clear the air to this prediction. Stay tuned!

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