Face Off Digest Double Dose: Episodes 7 & 8

Since starting my new job, I have been super busy, so I unfortunately had to delay my Face Off Digest. But, it’s back, and twice as nice, because I’m covering last week’s episode and last night’s episode! For those of you who watch Face Off religiously, you’ll already be fully aware by now of what happened last week, but I promise I’ll make it entertaining.

Let’s get started with Ep. 7–“All That Glitters”

In this particular episode, the artists were faced with quite a unique task. For their second Focus Challenge (with a focus on the face), each artist had to transform a male model into a Shakespearian lady. See? Quite unique. 

Ve Neill gave her wisdom as to how the artists could pull off the challenge. Ve was the one who transformed Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire for the movie by the same title. But something told me that this challenge would prove to be rather difficult. The artists would have to walk a fine line between femininity and comical with their sculpts, and they had to seriously flex their facial anatomy muscles.

Needless to say, many struggled. Nora had a hard time conceptualizing the female face as both hideous and old, and was forced to scrap the combination. Meg worried that her final look might doom her to a spot on the bottom again. And both Ricky and Evan struggled with their sculpts on a technical level, often running into hiccup after hiccup. But, Ricky was confident with his knowledge on the feminine form, since he said that his boyfriend is a frequent performer in drag shows. Can I get a collective “Awww!”? 

Ricky wasn’t the only one with drag makeup knowledge. Jasmine revealed that she’s had experience applying makeup on men for drag shows in Las Vegas! Talk about experience.

Also, Jasmine had the coolest idea for how to make tears. By using hot glue droplets, she created 3D tears to convey saddness on her model. So awesome! 

I will say, though, that out of all the Shakespearian female characters they could have given the contestants, I’m surprised they didn’t have Lavinia from Titus Andronicus as an option. I think that this particular character would have made for an awesome look to create. If you’ve read Titus Andronicus, then you’ll definitely know what I mean. 

Then the you-know-what hit the fan during the application phase. Jasmine, Ricky, and Evan all had major issues with their silicone molds, and had to scramble to fix the damage.

By far, this is one of the hardest challenges given on Face Off. I think that in a non-contest setting, each artist could have pulled off the task. But, with only two days, and absolutely NO room for error, everyone struggled a bit. This challenge almost felt like a set-up, because such a complex makeup would be difficult to do in two days for any artist–I think, at least. 

I wish for particularly difficult challenges, like the one in this episode, if a contestant who’s know for doing great work does produce a lemon, then the judges should at least hear them out. Even the best artists run into issues, make mistakes, and have accidents occur during the most optimal conditions. If an artist is bad, then that’s different, but for situations where something went horribly wrong for a strong contestant, then some serious consideration needs to be taken. 

And the Winner is… 

Meg! Finally, she raised herself from a perpetual Bottom Looks slump, and produced an incredible look. Way to go!

Who Went Home

Ricky. Unfortunately, Ricky’s history with lackluster paint jobs sealed his fate, and he was sent packing. 

Episode Favorites 




Now, onto Ep. 8–The Gauntlet 

As soon as the artists walked into the studio, McKenzie Westmore announced that they were to face their toughest challenge yet: The Gauntlet.

Cue dramatic music.

The Gauntlet, according to her, would test each artist in a brutal three round challenge. After each challenge is completed, the artist would receive a score from one to nine. The scores from all three rounds would then be combined to  produce an overall score. Whoever finishes in last place would be the one eliminated for this week. 

The first round was a realism-based challenge, where each artist picked a model that was dressed for a particular climate: the desert or the arctic. The artists then had to create an exposed look based on their model’s outfit. Jordan and Nora were the shining stars for the first round, with Nora taking the crown. 

The second round forced the artists to apply paint to models with blank prostetics on their faces. Evan worried about the challenge, stating that painting was not one of his strengths. Meanwhile, Ben’s sea queen blew me away. It was definitely one of my favorite looks for this round. Kevon also won the favor of the judges, boosting his confidence–especially after being ranked in last place from Round One. Based on his use of layering techniques, Kevon won the Round Two challenge. He also cemented his place as #1 overall for the first two rounds, while Evan and Stevie found themselves at the bottom. 

The third round of The Gauntlet definitely proved to be the most outlandish of all the rounds, as each artist had to complete an overall look with three models. One of the models would have to be a main character, and the other two would have to be background characters. The artists were given prompts for their final looks, ranging from Angels, to Goblins, to Witches/Warlocks. 

Though it was clear who might be safe, it was a definite toss up as to who would rank in the top or the bottom. The task that the artists had was incredibly difficult, and with so little time to accomplish a perfectly polished look, it was tough to discern the winners and losers of this round. 

Round Three was a particularly  tough nut to crack simply because all of the heavy-hitters from previous episodes began to flounder, which is disconcerning. As I was watching this challenge, I was hoping and praying that my favorites would be safe. Evan, luckily, impressed the judges and won the third round, officially becoming the ultimate comeback kid.
And the Winner is…

Nora! She scored the highest overall points after producing amazing look after amazing look. Way to go!

Who Went Home

NOOOOOOOOO!! I REFUSE! I still haven’t gotten over it. One of my favorites, Jasmine, was sent home, after earning the least amount of points for The Gauntlet. 

I need a moment. Excuse me.

Episode Favorites

-Nora’s frozen snowboarder from Round One

-Ben’s sea queen from Round Two

-Scott’s goblins from Round Three

mckelodeon’s Predictions (for both episodes) 

Now, the game has changed. Most of the biggest contenders from the earlier episodes are now starting to faulter, and that makes me nervous. I still think that Ben can make it to the final three, but now Scott has proved himself to be  a multi-faceted artist. I also have gotten nervous for Evan, because he is a good artist, but he’s been flubbing up these past two episodes. So, I don’t think I can give a decent prediction until next week, because now I’m totally confused. 

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