Starfleet Elite: Nerd•ily’s Niceties of August

I decided to try something new: a once-a-month “best of” collection of what I consider to be the best posts of the month. Since we’re nearly halfway through September, I figured I’d better get it into gear and post the August edition. Here it goes:

Back-to-School Ready with Nerd•ily IMG_0345

I got the idea to do this fun tutorial when I was thinking of ways to get a corner on the back-to-school market. I scoured Pinterest for ideas I could modify. Nothing. I was soon thinking about all of the cool fandom swag I would have loved to take on the first day of school. Then, I began to think about the fandoms that don’t have back-to-school swag, like Captain Marvel. I got the idea for decorating a backpack to represent one of my favorite comic book characters, and expanded the idea to a three-dimensional Harry Potter bag (I remembered a particularly sweet Hedwig backpack I had back in third grade).

This tutorial also proved to be exceptionally challenging due to technical issues. I got a brand new iPad for my birthday the month before, and I was excited to use it to film a video montage of the process. Unfortunately, I kept running out of space, and had to rely on a convoluted system of saving, deleting, and re-saving. It was complicated, aggravating, and time-consuming. But, finally, I got all of my clips edited and compiled, and uploaded my first video since March. Huzzah!

Once the backpacks were completed, I sent the Harry Potter backpack to a friend’s daughter who is also a Potterhead. I don’t think I could have found a better recipient.

A Marvel Debate: Who Would Truly Portray the Best Carol DanversIMG_0331

As I mentioned above, I am a proud member of the Carol Corps. So, naturally, I was thrilled when I first heard about an upcoming film adaptation of the Captain Marvel comics. Evidently, so were four other ladies much more famous than I. Much, much more famous.

Apparently, there were many who were willing to play the pivotal role. Most notoriously, of course, was MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.

I thought it might be interesting to delve deeper into the issue, and weigh the responsibility at hand for taking on such a role. Plus, I needed an idea for a blog post, and I thought: “What could be better?” 

Get Ren Faire ready with Papier Mache Armor 

Scrollwork created with glue gun

This post detailed one of my longest craft projects I’ve done: a papier mache armor bodice. My friends and I each year go to our local Renaissance Faire, and this year I decided to dress up. After gaining inspiration from a Blogger user, I decided to put my own spin on her design. So, over the course of four weeks, I molded this bodice out of poster board, newspaper, flour, water, and Elmer’s glue.

And yes, I know that a molded, female breastplate is highly inaccurate, but I decided to try it out anyway. Most people at the Faire were somewhat impressed with what  did, and my friends liked it, so I think I did pretty well! Especially considering that I had never done such a large papier mache project like this.

So, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into one month here at Nerd∙ily! If you’d like to see more posts, check out my archives, and delve deeper into the madness!

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