Top 5 Reasons why Phasma could be the Best Villain in The Force Awakens

Happy Force Friday everyone! In honor of the day, I decided to write a post about my favorite new character in The Force Awakens: Captain Phasma. Seeing as how little is still known about the character of Phasma–played by Gwendoline Christie–this post is completely speculatory. Regardless, I am totally on board Team Phasma. Ever since I heard that this character will be the first female Stormtrooper in the Star Wars universe, I was thrilled. I knew that this had to be a badass character, and would prove to be a formidable figure in the upcoming film. Then I got to thinking: could Captain Phasma be the best villain in The Force Awakens? I know, so shocking, but it is possible. So, I came up with 5 reasons why Phasma could be the superior badass in the next installment of Star Wars (in my humble opinion).

5) Phasma could be a wild card villain

By wild card villain, I mean that she can go in multiple directions. Phasma can be a bounty hunter-type villain, a Darth Vader-type villain, or any type of villain with her own personal agenda. It’s hard to explain, but the gist is that Phasma’s objective is uncleat. Will she fight against Jason Boyega’s character of Finn, or will she be a villain to another villain? But this obscurity is what makes her so cool.

4) Phasma may be the only Stormtrooper to actually shoot her target

As anyone who has watched any Star Wars movie can attest, the aim of the Stormtrooper is piss-poor at best. But, with the addition of a high ranking official, Captain Phasma could possibly be the only Stormtrooper to accurately hit her target. Could it be??

3) Phasma has the best costume in the new film

Yes, yes, completely objective, but this is coming from someone who has always loved the Boba Fett armor. What I love about Phasma’s armor is that it’s completely unique for a Stormtrooper suit, which not only distinguishes her rank amongst the vast numbers of troopers, but distinguishes her entirely as her own character in this newly formed branch of the Star Wars universe. Stormtroopers are expendable, and their armor represents this fact. Phasma’s armor looks just like all the other new Stormtrooper suits, but with a burnished chrome finish. This distinction not only shows the fact that she is a member of the new empire, but that she may be a lasting character in the new films. Also, being the first female Stormtrooper, this is highly significant, adding Phasma to the long list of awesome female characters in the canon. Speaking of…

2) Phasma will be one of the few female villains in the mainstream universe

Okay, so just to be clear before I made this declaration, I did look up to see how many female villains there are in the Star Wars universe. My research led me to exclaim “Holy crap!” before I concluded that there weren’t many in the mainstream universe. I don’t follow the extended, animated, or fan-made universes, so I thought it would be safe to assume that Phasma is a minority in the world of Star Wars film female antagonists. And when I checked the film villains, there weren’t any females that made much significance (please correct me if I’m wrong). But, Phasma is definitely a dark horse in this case, and stands out in the long, long, LONG list of Star Wars baddies.

1) Phasma could be the most dangerous villain in TFA

I’m only saying this because so much mystery surrounds this character. This mystery can lead the character to perform any task, be a total a-hole, or be a red herring. The lack of information about Phasma leads me to believe that she can be the most dangerous character in TFA. So scary, right? This point coincides with #5, and makes me wonder even more about what Phasma will bring to the table. Either way, I can’t wait to see.

Hopefully your Force Friday is a fun one! Have a good weekend!

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