Face Off Digest: Ep. 6–Extraterrestrial Enterprise (a.k.a the episode where mckelodeon fangirls)

Can it be?? Is it for real? A STAR TREK EPISODE??? Yaaaaaas!

This is my reaction when someone suggests pizza for dinner.

From the Foundation Challenge to the Spotlight Challenge, everything revolved around a super cool sci-fi look, and I was in love.

For the Foundation Challenge, Mr. Westmore was the mentor, since…you know…he’s been involved with the Star Trek franchise for decades. The whole point of the Foundation Challenge this week was speed, patterns, and a campy 1960s look. Beautiful! I loved Jordan’s pattern-work, Jason’s 1920s glam, and Evan’s use of color. Evan brought what Mr. Westmore called a “total package,” and this ultimately led him to win immunity for this week.

If the Foundation Challenge wasn’t awesome enough, the Spotlight Challenge allowed the artists to adapt their first looks into a more modern make-up design. So, this meant that my Foundation Challenge favorites would be able to make their looks all the better, faster, stronger.

But, this Spotlight Challenge would not be a walk in the park, seeing as how two of the judges (Ve and Neville) have both worked on some aspect of the Star Trek franchise. Talk about pressure! Out of all the contestants, Ben felt the most pressure right from the get-go. He hated his Foundation Challenge look, but had to run with that design for a chance to move on to next week. Yikes.

And then…oohoo…Johnathan Frakes came on, and I about died. So, I may or may not have a little crush on Commander Riker, meaning that I was overjoyed when he appeared on screen. I definitely wasn’t complaining.

By the way, was it just me, or did Stevie’s sculpt look like Mr. Westmore? No, just me? Okay then.

An hour before Final Looks, the you-know-what hot the fan for pretty much everyone. But this was quickly remidied by the appearance of guest judge Michael Dorn, a.k.a. Worf from The Next Generation.

Could this episode get any better??

Ben, of course, pulled through all of his prior insecurities with his Foundation Challenge look, and proved to create a look that wowed the judges. Meanwhile, Jordan’s attempt at creating awe-inspiring armor failed on the Reveal Stage, and the judges called his bluff. Honestly, I had to agree with them. His Foundation Challenge look was gorgeous, and he took away all of the glam and skill just to cover it up. His Spotlight Challenge look would look amazing at a convention as an original costume (because, damn, it truly was really good), but for what the challenge specified, he floundered.

And the Winner is…

Ben! See? Never doubt yourself, Ben, because you’re freaking amazing!

Who Went Home

Jason. Noooo! I really liked Jason, and I had a terrible feeling that this was going to happen. I thought he was so talented, but he had a setback of some sort in every episode. I’m so sad he had to leave.

Episode Favorites

-Jasmine (even though she was in the bottom looks)


mckelodeon’s Predictions

Jordan will definitely need to change his focus from fabrication to sculpting and painting. Unless there’s a seamless correlation between the two–like last week–then his efforts would make sense. Now that the competition has dwindled down to some heavy contenders, everyone needs to step their game up. And, seeing as how Ben can do no wrong, I’m going to call it and say he will more than likely win the whole kit and caboodle. At this point, he pretty much has.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nmiller00 says:

    Yes! Finally a Face Off blogger! (I am obsessed with this show and have watched it from the very beginning)I’m sure there are others but so glad to find you at Female Geek Bloggers. I was squealing like mad when this episode aired. So great!

    I think its funny you say Ben will win. I can see that. He has been hiding in the shadows for a bit with being safe. . I see him being one of the finalists for sure. Him and Scott for sure. I’m not sure if Jasmine will end up on the finale or not- but she would be another guess.


    1. mckelodeon says:

      Yeah I agree that they are definitely the strongest contenders. I’m so glad someone likes the series! I’m an episode behind but I’ll be up and at it this week!!


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