Funday Friday: Star Wars Madness


The Nerd Gods have been so kind to us this summer, my friends. First, the surprise Deadpool and Suicide Squad trailers leaked. Now, we have been blessed with a surprised teaser trailer to The Force Awakens. Though it’s 13 seconds long, it’s still an exciting glimpse into what’s to come in December when the movie releases. Needless to say, I can’t wait.

All of this hype surrounding TFA reminds me of another time in my life when the world was abuzz with Star Wars madness.

I first watched Star Wars when I was about four-years-old, I think. I didn’t understand the full magnitude of such an iconic film series then, but as I grew older, I began to realize how significant it was. I realized this especially when the prequels came out in the late 90s. It seemed like everyone in my grade was hopped up on the excitement. Of course, like most girls the year The Phantom Menace came out, I wanted to dress up as Queen Amidala (the red regal gown, obvi). Instead, I think I opted for a pirate costume that year. Why? Beats me.

But thinking back on the hype that surrounded the prequels–as we are now faced with the coming of The Force Awakens–I feel like a seven-year-old again.

Now, though, I fully understand the magnitude of the situation.

When Disney bought Lucasfilms, like many, I worried about the fate of the Star Wars series. The fact that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy dress as the iconic characters is a little disturbing. But since the first trailer released earlier this year, I feel as though the film will be promising. And if this fresh batch of Star Wars films becomes successful, we can be living in a Renaissance of sorts–with Episodes 4-6 representing the Roman Empire, the Prequels portraying the Dark Ages, and forthcoming films as a rebirth of the classic story.

So, I for one am placing a lot of hope upon TFA, and I will eat up every bit of hype that surrounds it, just in case it does succeed.

Also, anybody know where I can score that Queen Amidala costume? Adult size, of course.

Check out the teaser trailer for yourself here, and proceed to wet your pants with excitement!

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