Face Off Digest: Ep. 5–The Gatekeepers

The first Foundation Challenge this season finally took place, and it proved just what I thought all along: everyone’s incredibly talented. It’s just these stupid team challenges bring down the artists a lot of the time. The guest judge for this challenge was Eryn Krueger Mekash, who’s worked on shows like Nip/Tuck. The Foundation Challenge forced the contestants to dig deep within their psyches, because they had to interpret Rorschach inkblots into a make-up design. The winner of the challenge wound up being Meg for her river mermaid design. I loved how she incorporated a sea sponge into the make-up design, and made it look like organic coral. Because she was the winner, Meg was granted immunity.

But then, uuugggghhhh, there was a team challenge…again…for the Spotlight Challenge. The contestants were to create a gatekeeper and a beast trapped behind that gate, which were based on the designs of these gates. There was a large variety of themes and aesthetics to draw upon, so it proved to be quite an exciting challenge.

Libby, worried about the fact that she got paired up with meg–who had immunity–dropped her cowl, creating a huge indent in the clay. Meanwhile, ambitious Ricky had to scale down his original sculpt, which was ginormous. Because he had to start over, Ricky got behind and grew anxious over his sculpt. This forced Jason to stall his work in order to maintain cohesion of their design.

Finally, Libby came to a harmonious balance with her’s and Meg’s design after scrapping the boar idea she originally had for her sculpt.

Because of the setback that Ricky faced the day before, both he and Jason fell behind on their plan. Then, suddenly, Ricky started to have major difficulties with his mold setting, jeopardizing his and Jason’s face sculpts.

And HOLY COW IS BEN TALENTED. His female gatekeeper design was just gorgeous, but the most impressive detail for me was the headdress. He really made it look like metal, which blew me away.

And the Winner is…

Ben & Jordan! They were the top team, and Jordan was this week’s winner due to his head-to-toe fabrication.

Who Went Home

Libby. None of the judges were impressed with her anatomical work, so the ambitious design sent her home.

Episode Favorite(s)

-Nora & Jasmine

-Ben & Jordan

mckelodeon’s Predictions 

Okay, can we please get rid of the team challenges? They’ve proven to be nothing but devastating for a good majority of the artists. That being said, if next week’s Spotlight Challenge involves teamwork, I don’t think Jason will last long. Poor Jason. I felt so bad for him the entire episode, since Ricky pretty much brought him down. I want Jason to last a while, because I like him. I think he gets screwed over too much in team challenges because he’s so considerate. And Ricky’s a good artist, but he shot both Jason and himself in the foot this week.

I’m just going to call it here and now, Ben will make it to the Final Three. He’s just too good. He knows what’s up, and is exceptionally talented.

Also, from what I saw of next week’s sneak peek, I think Jonathan Frakes will be the guest judge. If so, I AM UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED. I couldn’t tell from the brief glimpse I saw, but the guy looked a lot like Frakes. Can it be next Tuesday already? Please?

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