A Marvel Debate: Who Would Truly Portay the Best Carol Danvers? 

For the past two weeks, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey has been lobbying hard for the role of Captain Marvel in a soon-to-be made film about the character. But she’s not the only actress who has shown great interest in playing the character. According to EW.com, Bryce Dallas Howard, Katheryn Winnick, and Emily Blunt have also expressed their desires to play Major Danvers. With an increasing demand from the fans for a female-led superhero movie, the pressure is on to cast the perfect leading lady for such a role. 

The question is, though: what makes a good leading lady, especially when that actress will portay such a pivitol character? 

Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes. She’s right up there with Batgirl, and that’s saying something. When I first discovered her comics, I was thrilled. What I loved about the comics most was the story, partly because the story revolved around a character who–in my opinion–was written as a superhero who just so happened to be a female.

A kickass female.

I was so impressed with Captain Marvel’s characterization that I gobbled up the story, reading it all in one night. As I checked out the comics from my library, my fingers itched to turn the page and start reading. I don’t get that way about any comic, or any book, for that matter. Since then, I have been a proud member of the Carol Corps, through and through. 

She’s just an awesome character, plain and simple.  

Needless to say, the actress who will play Carol Danvers will have some big shoes to fill–and that won’t be the only challenge.

Since Marvel’s The Avengers, the need for a strong female presence was strengthened thanks to Scarlett Johansson’s performance as Black Widow. BW gave fans hope that there could be a well-written, well-portrayed female superhero on the silver screen. The upcoming Captain Marvel film, slated to release in 2018, will hopefully prove to be the superheroine movie everyone has been waiting for. Come to think of it, are there any female-led superhero movies that are notable? Hold on, let me look this up…

…okay, the only ones I could find were Electra and Catwoman. Yeah, I had a hard time remembering those as well.

How pathetic is that, though? I could barely find any answers to my query, and yet these were the only movies that popped up? On top of that, they weren’t even that good. Sure, there are plenty of superhero movies that never turned out to be huge box office hits, but it seems as though this has clouded the judgement of many people when it comes to making superheroine movies (like this article on Moviepilot). 

It’s much more difficult nowadays to convince anyone that a superhero movie featuring a woman will be a good decision. I read the comments on Facebook, I think most of us have, and it’s quite unfair. The saddest part of all is that, if and when a superheroine movie does release, it will probably receive some of the harshest criticism. Why? Because most people don’t believe that female superheroes are legitimate in the comicbook world.

Now, there are people out there that are excited either way at the announcement of a new superhero/heroine film. I know plenty of men who love Carol Danvers as both Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. There’s oodles of supporters, and they’re the ones that give me hope that a live-action Captain Marvel film will be a success. So now, as with any upcoming movie, I guess I’ll have to wait and see what’s in store.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about who would play the best Captain Marvel.

Personally, I would like to see someone who can portray Danvers as a legitimate character, and not just a female character. That being said, a lot of the performance will have a lot to do with how the character is written. In that case, the studio needs to hire Kelly Sue DeConnick as the screenplay’s writer. DeConnick was the original author of the 2012 incarnation of Captain Marvel–the first time we see the character as a woman. The actress will also have to evoke a strong sense of will power, fortitude, and confidence. However, she will also have to have to draw upon her strong morals and dignity. I’ve got to say, she’s not the easiest character to play. But that’s what is so great about her as a character. She’s not one-dimensional or conceated. She’s one of the most perfectly developed characters in all of comicbookdom. 

That being said, her film debut will no doubt be plagued with criticism. Captain Marvel has a seriously strong following, so a poor script and a poor depiction of her will be devastating. See what I mean? Big shoes to fill. 

 I can’t say for certain who would be the best actress to portray her because I don’t know if any of the candidates has what it takes to be her. I guess I’d say that the person who portrays her has to know for sure that they will do the character justice, and embody what Carol Danvers stands for as a super and a heroine. 

(Of course, I do have my own opinions as to who would be the best Captain Marvel, but I’d love to hear what you have to say!)

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