Face Off Digest: Ep. 2—Siren Song


In Episode 2, the contestants were given quite a unique challenge as they sailed on a Coast Guard ship. In teams of two, the contestants had to create a beautiful—but deadly—siren. The design inspiration for the sirens came from sea creatures that are both lovely and dangerous. Needless to say, I was quite excited for this challenge.

The teams were broken down into:

  • Jason & Evan—Peacock Mantis Shrimp
  • Kevon & Meg—Textile Cone Snail
  • Nora & Brittnay—Flabellina Nudibranch
  • Jordan & Jasmine—Yellow Boxfish
  • Ben & Ricky—Blue Seaslug
  • Omar & Sidney—Portugese Man O’War
  • Scott & Stevie—Blue Ringed Octopus
  • Libby & Missy—Surgeon Fish

While the teams brainstormed amazing ideas for their final looks, many of them had a hailstorm of issues in  their execution. When Mr. Westmore came by to give the teams advice, he completely ripped into Kevon & Meg’s design. At first, I found this rather harsh, but the team would not be deterred from creating an amazing design. Meg softened the face sculpt while Kevon changed the chest piece design.

Other teams were didn’t fare so well during their time in the lab; Brittnay & Nora’s design featured spines tips, which were lost after the face and chest sculpts were molded. They had to think on their feet last minute to fix them, and came up with a simply clever solution: use make-up sponges. Meanwhile, Evan had to completely redo his and Jason’s mold after he was forced to break the cast open on Day 2. And Libby & Missy’s head piece was plagued with air pockets, meaning that most of their head and face mold had to be scrapped. Out of all the groups, Libby & Missy faced the most challenges. If it wasn’t their head sculpt, it was the paint job, or their design execution. Their troubles ultimately landed them in the Bottom Looks, along with Omar & Sidney’s Man O’War Siren.

And the winners are: 

Kevon & Meg!

This team’s hauntingly stunning siren won the affection of the judges, proving what Tim Burton has taken 30 years to tell us through his films: creepy is cool. Even though the team started off a little rough, they pulled out a great design that stole the show.

Because there could only be one winner, the judges chose Meg. At least one of my predictions is beginning to come true! Hopefully it will last throughout her time on Face Off.

Who went home: 

Omar & Sidney.

The judges were not so thrilled with their Man O’War design, which reminded me of the Greek goddess, Athena. Omar & Sidney wanted to create a warrior-like siren, but forgot to make her exceptionally beautiful. Even though I did like the concept of their design, I had to agree with the judges: it was not entirely pretty. And I did not appreciate the fact that they were giving excuses for their design, because the judges do not care. Do you know Glen Hetrick? Bro don’t take shit. And Ve is such a sass queen. Get your excuses in order.

But it was sad to see the two go, seeing as how it’s so early in the season.

Episode favorites: 

There were oodles of fantastic looks in this episode; I had to stop myself from listing the greater majority of them. I will say, though, that my top three were:

Ben & Ricky’s Showgirl SeaslugFaceOff_gallery_902SpotlightChallenge_03

Jordan & Jasmine’s Venomous BoxfishFaceOff_gallery_902SpotlightChallenge_02

Kevon & Meg’s Textile Grecian Cone SnailFaceOff_gallery_902SpotlightChallenge_05

What a range! This was by far one of my favorite challenges in the show’s history.

mckelodeon’s Predictions: 

Based on Missy’s troubles in this episode, I’d say that she is either going to come back in the next episode swinging, or she is going to crumble and become the third person sent home. I think that the past two challenges have not suited her skills well, and she’s floundering a bit.

Also, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for Meg and Ben once again. These two have shown that their skills are seriously on point, and they will be true contenders. Kevon is also starting to grow on me a bit as well. Since next week’s episode will be Face Off’s 100th, I’m anticipating others to bring their A-game. Next week should prove to be a real doozy for the contestants!

Contestants’ Final Looks

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