Face Off Digest: Season 9 Premier Recap


I am a HUGE fan of Syfy’s Face Off, so I have been counting down the days until the 9th season premier. After watching the first episode, I can safely say that I am not disappointed. All of the contestants seem promising and highly skilled, so this will be an entertaining season indeed!

The first episode definitely threw some major curve balls, beginning with a full charge into the Spotlight Challenge. Normally, the contestants must complete two challenges per episode: a Foundation Challenge (which is normally a small prize-winning challenge), and the main challenge, called the Spotlight Challenge. And boy, was this Spotlight Challenge a doozy! The contestants paired up into teams to create a design that could incorporate two actors in the final look. The theme for this challenge was “Intergalactic Zoo,” so each creature had to be an alien life form inspired by a naturally occurring element found here on Earth (animal, vegetable, mineral). Though not an entirely unique challenge concept—aliens are a popular theme on Face Off—I did like how the challenge dictated an incorporation of an Earthly element. This made the creatures seem significantly organic in terms of alien life forms.

The teams had three days to work in the make-up lab before unveiling their final looks to judges Ve Neil, Glen Hetrick, and Neville Page.

And the winners are: 

Jordan & Ben!FaceOff_gallery_307SpotlightChallenge_02Their four-legged, “alien dinosaur” creature was insanely impressive, and featured amazing colors. Though the look was picked as the top look of the week, Ben was chosen as the winner for the episode—which is a promising start for the artist.

Who went home: 

NO ONE. That’s the second curve ball of the season 9 premier! None of the bottom looks contestants left, meaning that the challenges from here on out will now be insanely difficult. But there’s so many promising opportunities to come in this season of Face Off. I’M SO EXCITED!!

Episode Favorite(s): 

Aside from Ben & Jordan’s winning look, I loved Scott & Nora’s piece, which was insanely elegant, yet vicious.FaceOff_gallery_307SpotlightChallenge_04

That’s two people in one look! So cool. Great job, guys!

mckelodeon’s Predictions 

Seeing as how it’s only the first episode, I don’t have much in the way of predictions. But, I will say that Jordan and Ben seem like they will make it far as individual contestants. After taking a look at their past work on the show’s website, I can already tell that each artist brings immense skill and unique talent. Jordan, for one, has a great knack for color and sculpting elegant edges. Ben, on the other hand, is gifted with excellent anatomical rendering in his sculpts. I predict that both artists will last for many episodes to come.

Also, be on the lookout for Meg, the contestant from New Jersey. Meg made it very clear in this first episode that she’s a self-taught make-up artists—learning everything she knows from the internet—so it is extremely likely that she may become this season’s dark horse. I, for one, will keep my eyes peeled for Meg in the forthcoming episodes.

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