Get Ren Faire Ready with DIY Epaulette Shirt (Easy)


1 White T-shirt

1 Piece of black felt

1 Package of gold chain

3 packages of various studs

Bonus cat butt
Bonus cat butt

(Picked these up in Michaels)

Step 1: Begin by cutting two rectangles out of the black felt. One end should have rounded edges. I based the length and the width of the felt pieces on the length of the shoulder seam on the shirt, and how they would drape over my shoulder. Make sure to cut these pieces out at the edges of the full piece in case you mess up.IMG_3469

Step 2: Outline a pattern that you would like to place the studs on one side of your freshly cut epaulettes. I bought three types of stud packs: iron on studs, sew-on studs, and pronged studs. Before securing the studs onto the felt epaulettes, be sure that you like the pattern. Once you’ve decided that you like the pattern, secure them.IMG_3471

Step 3: For the t-shirt, I rolled the sleeves twice and secured them down with a simple stitch on four sides. I also cut off the collar to make a boatneck top. You can cut and customize your shirt how you see fit.IMG_3472

Step 3a: For added comfort, I suggest washing the shirt before you start sewing on the epaulettes. I bought the t-shirt brand new, so it was still stiff. I washed the t-shirt with fabric softener to make sure that it would be extra comfy.

Step 4: Pin down the epaulettes onto the shoulders of the t-shirt. Check their position, and adjust as necessary.IMG_3475

Step 5: Begin to sew on the epaulette using a running stitch. Get as close to the edge as possible to ensure that the felt lays down as flat as possible against the t-shirt.IMG_3476

Step 6: When you’ve finished sewing on both epaulettes onto the shirt, it’s time to add the chain! Measure out enough chain to fit around the outer perimeter of the epaulette. Cut the chain. Lay it out on the edge of the felt and pin them down at points where you want to place a stitch. Secure them at these points.IMG_3477

Note: I added the chain on at this stage so that it wouldn’t get in the way while I sewed on the actual epaulette onto the t-shirt.

Finished! Now you have an epaulette t-shirt!IMG_3478 IMG_3479

This shirt can be worn on its own for a Renaissance Faire, or you could add this nifty little accessory to it:


The tutorial for the armor piece will come next Monday for those interested. But hopefully for now I’ve given you a fun little DIY to keep you busy for one summer day. Happy Crafting!

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