Funday Friday: Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

Tomorrow is my birthday! Don’t let the title fool you; I’m not depressed about it. But I thought it was an appropriate phrase considering I am turning 23. As I have nothing really planned for my birthday, this year will be low key for me. Then I got to thinking: if I could have any wish come true for my birthday, what would it be? Incidentally, I don’t have just one wish I would like to have come true…I have 23 wishes. So, as a birthday treat for you and me, here are my 23 birthday wishes to honor the 23rd year of my life. You’re welcome.

23.) I wish I could have a play-date with Lil BUB and Grumpy Cat.

22.) I wish karma worked faster on some people that it does on others–especially when I’m driving.

21.) I wish I had Play-Doh hair so I wouldn’t have to get it cut so frequently.

20.) I wish that crumpets were a bigger thing in the U.S. They’re too delicious for words.

19.) I wish I could figure out the ending to The Prestige.  

18.)  I wish it could be fall weather all the time, because I can rock a mean boots & sweater ensemble.

17.) I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ’cause all the cool kids…they seem to fit in.

16.) I wish I knew the reasoning to why R. Kelly wrote a 35-part song that revolved around him being trapped in a closet.

15.) I wish I could FREAKING GO TO COMIC-CON FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. No, I’m not bitter. You’re bitter!

14.) I wish secondhand embarrassment never occurred.

13.) I wish I knew how to quit you (is that reference too old?).

12.) I wish I knew why those stretchy tattoo chokers from the 90s are coming back.

11.) I wish Hocus Pocus 2 wasn’t a thing that’s totally happening. It’s like disturbing the dead (heh-heh, get it?).

10.) I wish that any customer that stays past closing time–whether it’s at a retail place, a restaurant, or anywhere with a definitive closing time–gets forced to do all of the side work that has to be done.

9.) I wish there were still 150 Pokemon.

8.) I wish Tom Hiddleston would tuck me in at night.

7.) I wish Benedict Cumberbatch would then read me a bedtime story.

6.) I wish Chris Evans would then snuggle up with me, with an hourly rotation between him, Tom, and Benny. Hey, it’s called a “wish” for a reason.

5.) I wish I could wish for more probable things.

4.) I wish nap times could be implemented in the workplace.

3.) I wish earwigs didn’t exist. Gross.

2.) I wish that Johnny Depp’s recent characters were less like Jack Sparrow, except for his Jack Sparrow character.

1.) I wish that adulthood could be an exemption I could file on my taxes.

There you have it! My 23 wishes for my 23rd birthday! I reality, though, I do wish to have a great birthday. My friends and family always make this day so special for me, and that’s all I could ask for. And if I could ask for one more thing from you guys, it’s this: keep enjoying this site. Spread the word around about it, and follow me on the brand new Twitter and Instagram accounts, both under @nerdilyblog. Okay, that’s asking for three things, but hey, can you blame me? It is almost my birthday, after all. ;Dgiphy

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