Welcome to Nerd∙ily! The New Nerdy by Nature

Say hello to the blog formally known as Nerdy by Nature: Nerdily (a.k.a. Nerd∙ily)! With a new name and a new domain, I’m ready to begin again with the same great content that’s centered on nerd culture.

New Features

Thankfully, I didn’t lose any followers during the domain change, which is awesome! I decided to not only change the domain, but buy it as well. So, instead of finding me at mckelodeon.wordpress.com, you can now find me at nerdilyblog.com. I’m at a real deal domain!

Also, I’ve changed the blog’s name. Much to my dismay, Nerdy by Nature is not just a popular name: it’s an EXTREMELY popular name. I want to stand out from the crowd, so I decided that a change needed to be made. That’s where Nerdily came in. I chose the title and tagline for two reasons: 1) I write “nerdily,” I act very “nerdily,” and the blog is composed “nerdily.” 2) “Nerdily” is a new word (whether or not it’s an actual word, I’m not sure, but I’m going for it!), and after reading the definition of it I decided to incorporate that element into the title and tagline. It’s a callback to my English degree roots and love of the written word. Hence: Nerd∙ily!

Finally, as an added “feature,” I’m going to try to adhere to a schedule. When I first started this blog I had to make three posts a week to earn credit in my college class, so I had to create a schedule. This schedule worked out extremely well. Plus, having a schedule helps me organize my thoughts and allows me to delegate my time accordingly. This means that, from now on, I’ll be trying my best to post three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Additionally, for any longer pieces I write, I will provide an excerpt before the full article. It’s not a life-altering change, but I thought it might be convenient.

Now on to some awesome news:

I got nominated for the Liebster Award!liebster3

Fellow blogger Leisel of Skill Up Skillet nominated me for an award that recognizes new and emerging blogs. I think that this is a fantastic idea, and I’d like to thank Leisel for thinking that my site was good enough to at least get a thought. So, thank you Leisel! I’m honored and thrilled to see that hard work does pay off–and gets recognized!

According to her, once this award is received, it has to be passed on to other deserving blogs. But before the nominations can take place, I have to answer a few questions myself.

1. Why blogging? Why not knitting or building the Taj Mahal out of matchsticks? 

I have many hobbies, but I love blogging because it allows me to write what I want, when I want. Granted, I could be trying to write the next great American novel, but there’s too much pressure with that. Writing should be about what you want to convey, with the definitive outcome being that you are proud and happy with your work. I’m not about that tortured writer crap. I write for fun and for release. Hence, blogging.

2. You are given one test trip in a prototype time machine. Ignoring the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff that would be used to exploit this indefinitely, where do you travel to in time and why? 

Tough. So tough. I have too many favorite time periods, but I guess I would say I’d travel to the 1940s. I love the fashion, I love the music, and I love the technology. I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong era, and I believe that I’m truly meant to be in the 40s.

Note: I would have chosen the late-Victorian era in England, but I need a time period where toilet paper is available to me. Just saying.

3. What is the best thing you have ever bought for yourself? 

Right before I graduated college, I decided I needed to buy myself something inspiring. I went onto Esty and found this great jewelry shop that sells handmade nerd necklaces. I bought one with a quote from Loki saying, “Burdened with Glorious Purpose.” Wearing the necklace made me feel like I could accomplish anything after graduation, and I need all the luck I can get.

4. Who let the dogs out? 

Frankie Muniz.

5. What is your favorite word and why?

Incongruous. In high school, I had to do a project that involved a vocabulary word that was assigned to me. I got “incongruous.”

Incongruous (\(ˌ)in-ˈkäŋ-grə-wəs\): strange because of not agreeing with what is usual or expected.

I was very incongruous in high school; I dressed in black, wore 16 necklaces, and marched to the beat of my own drum. I’ve always been incongruous, and I enjoy incongruity, so I have always loved the word.

6. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a blog? 

Find a topic that you’re passionate about–it makes for easy writing.

7. What do you plan to achieve by blogging? 

Of course, I’d love for my blog to be super popular and entertain everyone; in general, though, I mainly do it because I want to become a better writer. I also want to become more involved in all of the nerdy things that I love. With blogging, I feel like I have a purpose to do so.

8. Who is your biggest role model? 

This is a tough one, too! For blogging, I’d say James Gielow of Mind Your Dirt. He helped me out greatly when I was getting advice on a WordPress Community Pool, and I’ve been inspired ever since. Plus, his site is gorgeous. If you ever want to see an immaculately maintained blog site, go to his. I’m so jealous.

Other role models include YouTubers Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. Pretty much any YouTuber who is willing to put themselves in the public eye everyday is admirable. Also, my parents, because they give me support, and I always try to be as supportive as they are.

9. Reach for the stars! What’s your favorite book, movie, TV series, or game with the word “Star” in the title?

Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hands down. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but TNG is such a banging show that it holds a special place in my heart.

10. Convince your reader to read your 10th most-read post in 10 words or less. 

What do you do when you’re free from school? Read!

Funday Friday: Summer Reading List

And that’s it! Now for the nominations:

Crumpled Paper Cranes, Grateful Geek, Jess Gomez, Mind Your Dirt, The Official Gburg Jedi Blog

Now it’s your turn to answer my questions and pass along the Liebster Award! My questions are:

  1. What do you love most about blogging?
  2. How and why did you get started?
  3. When you’re not blogging, what do you like to do for fun?
  4. What’s your favorite piece of writing you’ve ever done?
  5. Kirk, Picard, or Janeway?
  6. If you lived in the Jurassic Park universe, who would you be?
  7. Snail mail, email, or text? What’s the best way to communicate?
  8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  9. If you could be any superhero/villain from any of the universes, who would you be?
  10. Why so serious?

Again, thank you everyone who has stuck around, and thank you to Leisel for nominating me for this award. I look forward to the new Nerdily, and hope you’ll join me along the way.

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  1. C.S. Wilde says:

    Did you just say nerd? I’m in.
    Kudos on the award!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mckelodeon says:

      Thanks! Welcome aboard!


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