The Coolest Things that Happened at San Diego Comic-Con…Which I missed

As always, I’ve missed SDCC again. One day, though. ONE DAY.

But, like everyone else, I scoured the internet for all of the latest news from the convention. However, it pained me to do so, especially after I read about all of the amazing announcements, first looks, and events that happened at the convention. For instance:

Trailers…Trailers Everywhere!

SDCC featured many exclusive trailer premieres, including a second trailer for Batman v. Superman, and brand new trailers for both Suicide Squad and Deadpool.

The latest Batman v. Superman trailer gives viewers a better look at Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), and a very hairy Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg). The trailer also gives a better glimpse at the elusive Batfleck, which proves to be a highly intriguing take on the cinematic Batman character.

But the one trailer I am SO looking forward to is the Deadpool trailer. I did watch a crappy version of it online, and from what I can tell through the can’t-stop motion of the camera, the movie looks incredibly promising.

The Highly Awesome Star Wars Panel and Surprise Concert

Yeah, you read that correctly. In the infamous Hall H, there was an insanely amazing panel promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Oh, and by the way, the panel had Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford, along with newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

Oh, and by the way, there was a surprise Star Wars concert that was performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Shortly after the panel concluded, the audience was led outside for a 30 minute concert, which was joined by the illustrious cast, J.J. Abrams, producer Kathleen Kennedy, and one of the directors for the upcoming Han Solo origin film.

Oh, and by the way, the audience members got free toy lightsabers, and an awesome fireworks show at the conclusion of the wonderful concert.


The Her Universe Fashion Show

Now an annual event, the Her Universe Fashion Show commenced again this year at SDCC. The Fashion Show debuts nerd culture-inspired looks, which are designed by aspiring artists in the hopes of  creating a fashion line for Hot Topic. This year’s looks were breathtaking; the audience winner was a Sailor Moon-inspired dress which transformed into an elaborate ball gown indicative of Serena’s transformation into the famous heroine.036_HUN_2015_20150709-1436547280

Another gorgeous dress featured a Deathstar skirt with a TIE fighter clutch. And the Judge’s Pick was Kelly Cercone’s female Joker dress, which took Mad Men and madness to a glamorous new level. If only my closet was bigger, or I had that much talent, or money, or…

A Real (and working) Star Trek Communicator

Based on 3D scans of the classic device, The Wand Company has created a Bluetooth-enabled replica of a Star Trek Communicator.

Excuse me, what?

According to Mashable, the Communicator can make and receive calls if it is connected by Bluetooth to a phone. It can also play music. Also, it’s soooooooo pretty. I mean, just look at it: comm-2-454x640

So yeah, Comic-Con was amazing as ever. And I missed it…again. Here’s hoping that I’ll make it next year, along with the rest of you lovelies that couldn’t make it as well. Maybe then I’ll be reporting all of the cool things that happen first-hand!

Featured Image, Sailor Moon DressCommunicator


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