Funday Friday: Need a New Mobile Gaming Addiction?


Normally, I don’t get addicted to mobile games; I’ve dabbled in both Angry Birds and Bejeweled, but after a week or so, I lost interest. But now I think I have finally found the ultimate mobile app game.

Its name is Nom Cat


With simplistic gameplay mechanics and high achievement rates, Nom Cat has become my new time-waster. The premise is easy: the player controls two cats to catch as many fish as possible that fall from the sky. By pressing on the cats, the player opens their mouths, sending fish after delectable fish straight down their gullets. The more fish eaten, the higher the score. However, the player has to watch out for flying cherry bombs that fall along with the fishes. Also, the longer a player goes, the faster the fish and bombs fly. Losing the game is just as simple as playing it, too: miss catching a fish, or catch a bomb instead, and it’s game over.

These little bastards, I swear...
These little bastards, I swear…

But the best part is not just playing as adorable cats catching flying fish–it’s unlocking new cats to play as in new rounds. These cats can be unlocked by spending goldfishes (which appear periodically among the myriad of flying fish). Players can even unlock 8-bit versions of famous internet cats. FAMOUS INTERNET CATS GUYS. Although most of these famous kitties can only be unlocked through in-app purchases, three cats can be unlocked using goldfishes: Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, and Keyboard Cat. And you better believe I saved up 5000 goldfishes to unlock Grumpy Cat. I am not even joking. IMG_3448

I downloaded this game in mid-June as an impulse, and I can’t stop playing it. Now that I have unlocked Grumps, my goal is to unlock Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat, along with the rest of the stock cat characters that the game provides. This is what graduated life looks like, guys. Even now as I play the game to get screenshots for this post, I can’t help but to click on the continue button for another round.

But, all in all, Nom Cat is a highly entertaining little game. For a free app, it has provided me with hours of entertainment. It’s also a great way to kill time when you need to waste a few minutes. If you’re looking over the weekend for a new mobile game that’s fun, free, and filled with cats, then I suggest Nom Cat. Try to beat my high score of 243 fishes, because I’m not sad and bored at all.

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