Funday Friday: #FreeComicBookDay

After seeing the new Avengers movie, I am now super jazzed for FCBD. If you’re not sure what Free Comic Book Day is, it’s an annual event that comic book shops around the country take part in, where they distribute special or limited edition comics for free. This will be my first year going, and I’m really excited.

I follow FCBD on Facebook, and all of the free comics they have listed look amazing. One of the comics I’m looking forward to get is the new Avengers comic (See? I’ve come full circle). This particular comic features the newest editions to the Marvel family: the new Ms. Marvel, Lady Thor, and the new Captain America. There is a large variety of comic books to choose from, including kid-friendly, Marvel titles, and even a Bob’s Burgers comic. I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about this. So, if you’re interested, check out the complete list of available titles here, as well as a comic book shop locator here. I will try to live-tweet, so if you’re following me on Twitter, you can get first-hand updates from me. And happy Friday!

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