The $50 Cosplay Challenge Results!

C2E2 was—as always—AMAZING! I got to see so many cool costumes, meet amazing people (Jamie and Adam from Face Off, and Sean Astin), and purchase great items from cool artists. I met some incredibly nice fans as well, and everyone I encountered was really polite and friendly. If you’ve never gone to a convention, you seriously need to! One guy my friend and I met yesterday said that, “Conventions are world peace; you have Marvel fans interacting with DC fans, Star Wars fans taking pictures with Star Trek fans, and everyone is in a good mood.” Well stated, sir.

And, for the most part, my costume went over very well! I had people commenting on my costume all day. The guy selling Metra tickets liked it, and a Chicago cab driver rolled down his window just to ask “What happened to your face?” Once I got to McCormick Place, people were asking my friend and I for pictures. A C2E2 photographer even snapped a shot of me! So many people were highly impressed with my makeup and very receptive to my overall look. I feel like the costume was a success. But now you’re probably asking the big question: how much did it all cost?? Well, the results are in!

For the sake of consistency, I’m going to calculate the cost of everything that I used in the costume-making process. Considering all of the problems I had finding a skirt that worked, and the fact that I didn’t even use some supplies I bought, I think that this is rather fair. With or without these items, I know I hit the $50 mark—and possibly over it. But here’s the grand total:

  • Latex gloves (for bleaching): $1.89
  • Liquid bleach and spray bottle: $1.17
  • Pack of metal spikes x2: $2.60
  • Black Fabric Paint: $2.49
  • Pack of Ginormous Coins: $1
  • Toy Gun: $1
  • The Skirt that FINALLY worked: $5.99
  • Two Packs of Thigh High Stockings: $5.50 ea. + Black Fabric Dye: $2.77 =14.77 (w/ tax) – $3.09 from gift card = $11.68 overall
  • Bleach Pen: $2.74
  • Shoes: $4.99
  • Wig: $12 (wig and shipping)
  • Shirt: $4.99
  • Jacket: $7.99
  • Can of White Hairspray x2: $5.98

And the grand total is: $66.51!

So, I went over by $16.51, but hey, $66 is still really good for a cosplay. A lot of the items and materials I used to create the costume I had already, so I saved a bit of money. My friend that I went with let me borrow her long black gloves, so I had the one on my “gross” side (I didn’t want to do body paint on my arm). Long black gloves from Party City would have set me back $15. I already had the makeup, and I had silver fabric paint on hand as well. I have a sewing kit, so I didn’t need to get sewing supplies. My “Harriett Dent” button was a button I had painted using acrylic paint that was available to me, so I didn’t have to buy a button or paint.  All in all, I’m very happy with my costume. It took quite a bit of work, but it was well worth it!

If you’d like a closer look at all of the pieces separately and together, take a peek at the image gallery! I’ll also post the professional picture that the C2E2 photographer took of me once it is uploaded online. 🙂


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