In This Week’s Episode: A Cosplay Update!

I’ve been very busy this week, what with classes and working, but I’ve also been really busy working on my costume.

After I posted my last update, I did find a new skirt…only to find that it was bleach resistant…and I needed to bleach it. So, after spending even more money, and after buying two skirts just in case, I FINALLY found a skirt that bleached really well and fit. I have at last tasted sweet redemption after all I’ve been through with this skirt hunt.

I’ve made a lot of progress on my costume as a whole, too. I’ve finished my jacket, my shoes, and I’m almost done with the blouse (I’m painting a leopard print on half of it). By far, the jacket and the shoes are my favorite parts of the costume; the shoes didn’t fully dye black, but that actually worked to my advantage. I painted one of the shoes black with fabric paint, and the other one I bleached. Both the jacket and the shoes feature spikes as well on the “bad” side. (I’ll put up pictures in a gallery after next Saturday, too).

Also, I got my wig in the mail last week, and I’ve got my props! Courtesy of the dollar store, I have a big coin (signature trademark prop) AND a toy gun, which lights up and makes sounds. It kind of looks like Han Solo’s gun–and sounds like it–but for $1 I’m really happy with it. So, all I have left to do is finish painting my shirt, work on the wig, and sew on spikes onto the skirt. I’m so happy that everything is now working out for this costume, which makes me even more excited for C2E2. The one thing I’m not happy about, though, is the money that I’ve spent.

After next Saturday I will put up a full tally of what I bought and what I spent on it all. Obviously, with the skirt issues, I’ve had to spend more than anticipated. I’ve also had to spend more on supplies and extras that I’ve picked up over the weeks. Whether or not I’ll use them for the costume on Saturday will be a determining factor of adding the cost to the tally. In other words: I have two skirts that I’ve bought, but I’m not using any of them for my costume, so I would not add their cost to the overall amount. I have a feeling that I may have gone over the $50 limit I set for myself, but that will be determined later.

In the meantime, look out for my special C2E2 week posts, which will be featured all next week. Also, if you haven’t followed me on Twitter, follow me here! I will be live-tweeting at the convention, posting pictures, and giving update of how cool the convention is that day.  Also, for more fun stuff, check out my make-up tutorial. This video inspired me to make this costume, and I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, lovelies!

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